Hirman 3 Carryover

Hi :blush:

I have the digital version of Hitman 2 (with the 1 inside) on Xbox One.
I took the Hitman 3 starter pack.
And I followed the procedure to transfer my data from Hitman 2 to Hitman 3.
When I run Hitman 3, I can play 1 and 2, but my progress has not been transferred. I don’t know what I could do ?

Thank you so much for your reply !

I unfortunately can’t help too much, as I can’t even solve my own item problems. However, you can go submit this to the Hitman 3 Technical Support Thread and that would probably be your best bet for someone to help you out.

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Thank you so much ! Do you have the link to contact the Hitman 3 Technical Support ? Or I can contact them on this forum ?