Hit an 3 Deluxe , no link to digital downloads

Platform is PS 4

Hitman 3 Deluxe

I have an IOI account and have linked my games. I cannot access the links for the digital soundtracks or digital book.

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Hello. I ordered Hitman 3 Deluxe but I did not receive the digital downloads.

I noticed on my account it indicates Hitman 3, not Hitman 3 Deluxe which may be the problem.

Can you assist?


Can you confirm with PlayStation Support that you own the Deluxe Edition?

I definitely have the deluxe pack and it is showing as installed on my PS4.

Not to be annoying, but you might just have to wait a really long time to get your deluxe stuff. I only got access to the art book and soundtrack a week ago

heya all,

am having the same problem (ps5, registered, got account, still only listed as “hitman 3” no deluxe note, deluxe pack downloaded, no other options than the comic and skins to download).

can anyone confirm if it’s a timed thing? I can’t contact ioi directly for support…

really want the ost :wink:

Have you guys tried to unlink your account from IOI Account and link it back again?
I mean after unlink an account on the website of IOI, go into the game and enter your IOI Account’s email back again, and verify it through the link you’ve recieved on a corresponding email box.
Who knows, maybe will help

I did that. Didn’t help.

yeah same here, tried unlinking via the site and then checked each game individually (via the options, ioi account, and refresh on the consoles) - still no ost and commentary in the IOI Account on the page… anyone any more ideas?

heya all - I got it today!
so I got a notification that there was an update for hitman 3 - installed it, started the game, and check the online account - there they were - it been ca. 10 days since I first installed the game on the ps5, and 2 days since I unlinked/relinked my account - hope this info helps anyone still having issues.
cheers and happy hunting

Great news! I got it also.