Hitbac Contest - series 10

Hello everyone ! Welcome to the last series of the Hitbac Contest.
This one is very difficult, only the most observant among you will be able to find all the right answers.
Good luck.

Rules :

  • I show you a series of 10 images from HITMAN 2 and for each of them you will have to find which map it comes from.
  • All images come directly from the game, none have been modified, no filters have been added.
  • All locations are there , from Paris to Haven, except the prologue.
  • No bonus missions, special assignment or Patient zero, only main missions.
  • The contest takes place over 10 weeks, at the end of it you will get a total of 100 points if you participate every week.
    At the end, I’ll give you a rank based on your score :
    from 0 to 10 : Mad Butcher
    from 10 to 20 : Mass Murderer
    from 20 to 30 : Psychopath
    from 30 to 40 : Deranged Slayer
    from 40 to 50 : Serial Killer
    from 50 to 60 : Hitman
    from 60 to 70 : Shadow
    from 70 to 80 : Professional
    from 80 to 90 : Silent Assassin
    from 90 to 100 : Agent 47

To participate :

  • Write the number of the image followed by your answer.
    (name of the location, example: 1. Sapienza).
  • Blur or hide your answers to avoid influencing other participants. You will then be able to discuss your answers, but only after you have answered.

Final results Sunday January 17.

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Yeah, this is pretty tough. Here are my guesses:

  1. Sapienza
  2. Mumbai
  3. Paris(I just said something, I literally have no idea for this)
  4. Mumbai
  5. Whittleton Creek
  6. Colorado
  7. Miami
  8. Haven
  9. Whittleton Creek
  10. Sapienza
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1. Whittleton Creek
2. Mumbai
3. Sapienza
4. Sapienza
5. Whittleton Creek
6. Whittleton Creek
7. Miami
8. Haven Island
9. Hokkaido
10. Haven Island

This was a tough week :sweat_smile:

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1. Miami
2. Mumbai
3. Sapienza
4. Mumbai
5. Wittleton Creek
6. Colorado
7. Miami
8. Haven
9. Wittleton Creek
10. Haven

More difficult than the series 9 indeed.

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  1. Whittleton Creek
  2. Paris?
  3. New York
  4. Sapienza
  5. Sapienza…? Don’t think I’ve seen this before
  6. Colorado
  7. Miami
  8. Haven Island
  9. Whittleton Creek
  10. Haven Island (pirate could be misleading, but I’ll go with it)
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Hitman : Kardibask 6/10

Serial Killer : Patrik_Samu 5/10

Deranged Slayer : Toto 4/10 ZRGTBTRGH 4/10

Mass Murderer : SilentWraith 2/10

Absolution : Chloriqueen 0/10

Well played to all for this round which was very difficult and well played to Kardibask who managed to have above average, gg !
Unfortunately despite all his efforts, Chloriqueen got the worst score of the whole contest 0/10, I realized that I didn’t have a rank for this score so I created one just for him, ABSOLUTION.

Now it’s time to reveal the score of all the participants since the beginning of the contest !

@Kardibask : 45/70 :1st_place_medal:
@SilentWraith : 43/80 :2nd_place_medal:
@Hardware : 38/40 :3rd_place_medal:
@Force_Obscure : 36/60
@Patrik_Samu : 35/60
@StevenBradley : 22/30
@Ingvar : 21/40
@IlikeHitman : 19/30
Anti-Gravitas : 17/30
VIVELAPS5 : 13/30
@Toto : 10/20
A93NT : 8/10
vince52812 : 8/10
Chloriqueen : 8/60
Agent420 : 5/10
_Lucas : 5/10
nouille-23 : 4/10
Aut0fellat10 : 4/20
Agent_93 : 3/10
@RetroDree : 3/10

So Kardibask is the winner of the contest with a score of 45/70, Bravo !

SilentWraith comes second with a score of 43/80, you also win the medal for most regular because you participated in 8 weeks out of 10.

Hardware is in third place with a score of 38/40 making it the strongest participant of the contest with three 10/10 in a row and only two mistakes, GG ! Too bad you didn’t continue, you could have easily come first.

Chloriqueen wins the medal for the worst participant of the contest with a score of 8/60, six entries and 52 errors ! But I would like to congratulate you for your perseverance, well done !

fun facts :

  • Hardware and Patrik_Samu are the only two participants to have had a 10/10
  • No one got 9/10 so no one got the rank of Silent Assassin.
  • vince52812 and A93NT had the same score as Chloriqueen although they participated only once.
  • The series with the least number of participants is series 8 with only two participants.

The Hitbac Contest is now over, I hope you enjoyed it and that it helped you to wait for the release of Hitman 3.
I would like to thank all the participants, even those who only played once, you made it possible to make the contest live and there has never been a series with zero participants.

Personally I really enjoyed organizing this contest, it’s the first time I do something like this on the main forum. I’m sorry I was late some weeks.

I don’t intend to relaunch contests like this one, the preparation time is still quite long, so if someone wants to take over the concept one day, he is free to do so and I will participate with pleasure.

Thank you all and see you all on Wednesday for Hitman 3 !


Well it was fun ! even thought i just participate to the last 2 series, 10/20 is still a good mark for a beginner, my mom will be happy !

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I loved this series. It just helped me coop with the fact that Hitman 3 seems to never come. But it is finally here, and this series helped me speed up the waiting time. Or at least it seemed less that long. Thank you for doing it. I’m just sad I noticet the existense of this only nowadays. It was a great competition.

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Just discovered this series of threads, sorry that I’m interacting with a “dead” thread, but I hope to get the conversation going again. Will there be a hitman 3 version? Seeing as this was the most recent post Thomacle has made I’d be happy to take over if they have left the forum.