Hitbac Contest - series 8

Let’s go for the eighth series of the Hitbac Contest !
Good luck.

Rules :

  • I show you a series of 10 images from HITMAN 2 and for each of them you will have to find which map it comes from.
  • All images come directly from the game, none have been modified, no filters have been added.
  • All locations are there , from Paris to Haven, except the prologue.
  • No bonus missions, special assignment or Patient zero, only main missions.
  • The contest takes place over 10 weeks, at the end of it you will get a total of 100 points if you participate every week.
    At the end, I’ll give you a rank based on your score :
    from 0 to 10 : Mad Butcher
    from 10 to 20 : Mass Murderer
    from 20 to 30 : Psychopath
    from 30 to 40 : Deranged Slayer
    from 40 to 50 : Serial Killer
    from 50 to 60 : Hitman
    from 60 to 70 : Shadow
    from 70 to 80 : Professional
    from 80 to 90 : Silent Assassin
    from 90 to 100 : Agent 47

To participate :

  • Write the number of the image followed by your answer.
    (name of the location, example: 1. Sapienza ).
  • Blur or hide your answers to avoid influencing other participants. You will then be able to discuss your answers, but only after you have answered.

Results Tuesday January 5.

  1. Hawke’s Bay
    2 .New York
    4.New York
    7.Isle of Sgáil
    8.Santa Fortuna
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I’m in love with this series. Whoever came up with this idea, thank you. With this, I can patiently wait for Hitman 3

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Agent 47 : @Patrik_Samu 10/10 :crown:

Mass Murderer : Chloriqueen 2/10 :skull:

Congratulations @Patrik_Samu you got 10/10 ! Only @Hardware has achieved this feat, although it was not an easy series. Well done !
I’m glad you like it and that it makes you wait for Hitman 3. Only two weeks and two Hitbac Contest series !

Series 9 has begun : Hitbac Contest - series 9

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