Hitman 1/2/3 freezes, then crashes to desktop

've looked at every single Reddit post about this, but none of them have a solution or the same problem that I have.

This link forwards you to a video of the problem I have:

Here are some things I’ve tried already:

  • Reset, update Windows

  • Update driver, restore drivers to a stable version for Hitman

  • Download fix files

  • Change in-game settings

  • Launch separate games, launch games via Hitman 3 (Deluxe version)

  • Close many programs that might make Hitman crash

  • Reinstall the game

Event viewer:

  • Application HITMAN3.exe has been blocked from accessing Graphics hardware.


  • Live Kernel Event Error 141 (Linked to the same time of the crash)

PC specs:

GTX 1080, Ryzen 7 2700x, 16GB Ram

Not overclocked

I run the game at a solid 100-110 fps at all times

Do you guys know any fix for this? I’m happy to (re)try anything.

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While I don’t know a fix for your problem, you can send a ticket via the following website, if you need official support:



I bet this indicates the problem with your hardware, graphics card specifically.
First I recommend you to completely uninstall the GPU driver, install it again and see if that fixes the issue.
If not, you’ll need to physically disconnect your GPU, see if it’s all okay, correctly and solidly connect it back again, and see if that helps. If not, I’m afraid your GPU is dead or dying, and the best thing to do here is to get a new GPU.

How to uninstall the GPU driver completely:

  1. Download latest DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) utility;
  2. Unzip it and boot your PC into a Safe Mode;
  3. Launch the utility while being in the Safe Mode, let it do the job;
  4. Boot PC in normal mode and install the latest driver for your graphics card;
  5. Better reboot your PC after driver installation is complete;
  6. Launch the game and see if it works.

Note that all above is based on what Event Viewer says and it’s not guaranteed the issue or will fix the issue. But still all mentioned above won’t hurt you or your PC in any way. Except the GPU is really dead and you need a new one…


Did you ever find a solution to this? I’m experiencing the same issue, and haven’t been able to resolve it so far.

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This Topic ist a Bit older, but the same problem exists on Playstation. So it might be a software problem? (I am a noob in this software/Hardware thingies :confused:)

Gentlemen, have someone for this solution I have the same problem on the PC, I have already reinstalled the system, I updated all possible GPU CPU drivers and the like, and only in H3 there is such a problem, it is not in H1 and H2

I play hitman 1 and I have same problem so I don’t know what it could be