Hitman 1/2/3 servers

Are all 3 games on same or seperate servers?

I mean, if server for H1 goes down in future (and no one make that offline thing) will we all be able to still play H1 in H3 (is servers r separate its kinda logical H3 will go down last)

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The online service is basically just a web application that runs on Azure. Whether or not they run physically separate applications to service requests for different editions is something you’d only know by working for them. I would bet that they don’t, given that it gives you a unified server-side platform.

Not that it actually matters: if IOI decides that providing online service for any given game is no longer in their interest, it is trivial for them to prevent online access to a particular version.


If those servers are on the same physical machine and something happens to it, all servers will be down. Temporarily or permanently depends on circumstances and decisions :slight_smile:

I am under the impression that the 3 server applications for the games are different (ie. H3 is down for maintenance and patch’s, but H2 is still up).

Of course, whether they are on different server machines is a different story.

All three run on the Microsoft Azure cloud but different instances, so one can go down for maintenance while not affecting the others.