Hitman 1, 2 and 3

Hey guys I was looking at getting Hitman 3, ive played Hitman 1, the relatively new hitman 1 i should say. But it seems to me that they are all the same game but with different levels, what’s the go here?

The three newest games are built on the same foundation, they are essentially one continuous game built over time and with each instalment bundled together.


Thanks Norse, i guess i should move onto 2 first then, theres a boatload of dlc i gotta find a list of chronological order haha

Hitman 3 includes the Hitman 1&2 levels if that helps

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A redditor offers this simplification scheme for the different editions on sale:


Am I missing something, or have they made 7 Deadly Sins part of the deluxe pack now as this graphic appears to suggest?


I ended up getting the deluxe edition, comes with seven deadly sins, greed was the first one i stumbled upon, damn stage 3 while trying to keep 60 coins and do SA


Hitman III is the best of the three, so you need to complete all the trilogy :grin:


For me also 3 is the best.