Hitman 1-2 Transfer

Hello everyone. :smiling_face:

I would like some information.
I bought Hitman One and I did it on her psych 4 release.
I bought Hitman 2 on ps4 but I didn’t start it.

Now I have a ps5, I installed the 1(without relaunching it) and the 2(without starting it) one the ps5 and I would like to know if I can import my progress, my statistics or at least the blood money pack in the 2.
I still haven’t launched the second in case it blocks something.

I found information to do this from 2 to 3 but not from 1 to 2, and on the IOI account I can not add Hitman 2, maybe I have to launch the game for that.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Unfortunately, there is no progression transfer from Hitman 1 to Hitman 2, so any challenges and unlocks and so on you’ve completed will have to be done again.

As for the Blood Money/Requiem items, those come with the Legacy Pack, which lets you play the H1 levels in H2. You should be able to redeem that (for free) through the Hitman 2 in-game store page.


Thanks for the answer.

I did the first game really hard.
Does redoing the game on Hitman 2 bring something more (for something other than the new gameplay) or can I do without the legacy pack and at worst wait to buy Hitman 3 which I believe will have both games and the Blood Money pack?

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Other than the new gameplay mechanics, the H1 levels in the Legacy Pack are almost exactly the same as in H1, so if you want to focus on the levels in Hitman 2 and don’t mind waiting on the Blood Money items, you wouldn’t be missing anything significant if you skipped the Legacy Pack for now.

And, yes, in a few days, when Hitman 3 becomes the World of Assassination, it’ll have the levels from all three games, including the Blood Money Requiem items from H1.

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