Hitman 1 access in 3

Hello. I hope i finally can get an answer. Hitman 3 is on discount and i wana buy it on ps5 . I see hitman 2 pass and expansion pass of hitman 2 available for free so i know i can get them in hitman 3 . Im not have free access to hitman 1 goty access pass . I bought all main episodes of hitman 1 from 1 to 6 separately but not bought dlc or season pass . can i access hitman 1 in 3 ? I wasn’t able to get hitman 1 legacy pack for hitman 2 back in 2018 because i wasn’t owned patient zero episode ! So it change now? Its hard for me to download hitman 2 again to check if i can get hitman 1 legacy pack . Internet here is rough. Thanks everybody

Hello, Iman.

You will need to own “HITMAN 1 GOTY Legacy Pack” or “HITMAN 1 GOTY Upgrade” for HITMAN 2 to claim the access pass, which means you at least need to have HITMAN 2016 installed.

Here is a quote from the official FAQs webpage:

  • Be sure you have the H1 ‘base game’ installed and downloaded the latest game update for H1, released on November 8th 2018.
  • Launch H1 and follow the prompts in the H1 in-game store to redeem and download your Legacy Pack.
  • Once the Legacy Pack has installed, it will be playable within HITMAN 2 only.

Supposedly, once PSN acknowledges you having the Legacy Pack ownership, you should be able to download H1 access pass for free without having H2 installed. But you definitely need to have H1 installed in order to claim the Legacy Pack.

Let me know if this works for you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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it dident worked . in hitman 1 i have all 1 to 6 episodes but i dont have buneses and look goty upgrade is take me to store to pay 30 plus doller

Then it seems like you at least need to purchase the Bonus Episode (which includes The Icon, A House Built on Sand, Landslide) to be eligible to claim free legacy pack:

Who can redeem the HITMAN Legacy Pack for FREE?
Players who own HITMAN: The Full Experience, HITMAN: The Complete First Season (digital or disc) or all seven episodes individually (Paris, Sapienza, Marrakesh, Bonus Episode, Bangkok, Colorado and Hokkaido) from the previous HITMAN game, will be able to redeem the HITMAN Legacy Pack.

Anyway, other than trying to buy it, you may bring your question to IOI’s attention as well by sending a ticket through the official player support website. Click the “Submit a Request” button on the top right corner to send a ticket:


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thanks for help . i hope i dont force to pay 30 doller for that

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