Hitman 1 content in Hitman 3 [PC/EGS] [SOLVED]

I bought Hitman 3 yesterday, January 31, on EGS (1 day proposition for free hitman 1 GOTY expired), assuming, that I will be able to play Hitman 1 campaign (base missions) through Hitman 3 client, because I have Hitman 1 Standart Edition on my EGS account. I was said that it works this way, therefore I was in no hurry to buy Hitman 3 until the proposition expires. But the game proposes to buy Hitman 1 GOTY and dosn’t give me access to this content (main Hitman 1 campaign). Was it wrong? And exact GOTY edition allows to play Hitman 1 missions through Hitman 3 client? If so, no way to get GOTY for free? Because I wasn’t planning to pay in addition for that content, and now it looks like I should have bought the Hitman 3 a day earlier. Or it’s just a bug ?
Please clarify the situation sooner, I’m still willing to buy Hitman 2 Gold at a discount (in 2 days it expires), but finally decision depends on what can be done with Hitman 1 content. In this situation, to pay addition or play through 2 clients is really sad outcome.

So do you own HITMAN – The Complete First Season on Epic?
Did you get it when it was free?
If yes, it should work for you, you should have access to H1 missions.
Go to Epic client, search for HITMAN 3 in your library, hit three dots near it and select Manage Add-ons.
See there if all addons are toggled blue. If any of them are grey, switch them to blue.
Maybe it will switch on your H1 Access Pass and download it

I don’t entirely understand your question.

If you got this item before today, you should have gotten what you are looking for for free.

If you didn’t and you own the H2016 on Steam, wait for the final statement about it from IO and EG.

It was said about HITMAN 2. As HITMAN 2 is not available on Epic.
HITMAN 2016 is available and shouldn’t have issues with redeeming

I had the impression so far that it was only free the first 10 days. I still wait for someone to confirm that by trying to get it after yesterday. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure. I just have Hitman 1, the edition which was on weekly EGS giveaway some week, don’t really remember when exactly.

I checked it. No, i don’t have hitman 1 missions on this selection bar. Only Hitman 3 missions.

I got this yesterday. So I didn’t get the Hitman 1 GOTY. I hoped I can play base campaign Hitman 1 through Hitman 3, just having Hitman 1 Standart Edition.

No, I don’t have the game on Steam either.

Sorry, english is not my frist english and I have measly practice.
The main question is it should be possible to play Hitman 1 through Hitman 3 without having Access Pass Hitman 1 GOTY Edition, but owning Hitman 1 (as i understand, called Standart Edition, now there is no such edition on the store) on the EGS library.
If the answer is “no”, sad, that I bought the Hitman 3 too late.

I believe this is what we need. I have the same and had no issues

Ok. Follow the link that Urben provided and see what it says for you, do you own it, or do you have to buy it. Don’t forget to log in to your account.
If it says you have to buy it, add it to cart and see what price it will give you during checkout.
If 0, try to buy it. If a full price, decline a purchase and try to contact both, Epic support and IOI support.
Epic support can be reached through their website and for IOI support this email address been given: [email protected]

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Oh. This is how it works. After I clicked “BUY” the price became 0, and I just got it. Now it looks well.
Thanks Count.Rushmore and Urben.

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Good to know it worked eventually.
Enjoy the game