Hitman 1: GOTY Edition Upgrade vs HITMAN 3: Seven Deadly Sins Collection?

Hey all,

I’ve been playing the Free Starter Pack for a few days and want to purchase more content to play with, but I’m having trouble deciding between the $19.99 HITMAN 1 GOTY Edition Upgrade vs. the $29.99 HITMAN 3 Seven Deadly Sins Collection. I don’t want to purchase the more expensive full games until they go on sale, so I’ve narrowed my options down to the two so far. Wondering if anyone would recommend one over the other.

Any advice/opinions are appreciated. Thanks!

I’d reccommend buying the main Hitman 1 (2016) Access Pass for a more full-game experience. The GOTY upgrade and 7DS DLCs just come with much smaller pieces of content compared to the main courses.

In this case though, I’d say wait for a sale on the original Hitman 2016 game, buy it, then you should have free access to the Access Pass in Hitman 3.
The original game goes on sale a lot more than its DLC Access Pass, and for lower price.

man it sucks how complex this process is to explain, (doubly so with the different OG vs. GOTY editions)


What The Chicken said. Hitman 1 has a lot of content including some of the fanbase’s favorite maps/murder playgrounds. 7 Deadly Sins is for completionists, developer supporters, and masochists.


This. Wanted to write something, but I can’t find a better way to put it than Axwage.


or people who like mini game modes, escaslations, or content for their game they paid for. But nobody else though, that’d be exclusionary, and we can’t have that! /s

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I’d advice for the Hitman 1 GOTY for 29$ instead of the 7DS for 19$. The fact that it’s the reverse is even better for the Hitman 1 GOTY at 19$.

Hitman 1 GOTY is plenty of content, while 7DS are 7 short escalations.

I quite liked the 7 Deadly Sins content (well, 6 of the 7) and have replayed some of them quite a lot. I’d still probably get Hitman (2016) before the 7 Deadly Sins though.


For the record, I enjoyed 7DS as well (well, except for Wrath, which surprised me).

I consider myself all three of those categories I mentioned.

But H1 is still a better buy.


It was Envy for me that I disliked but that’s more because of the “other player” in that level. I absolutely hate playing competitive games.