Hitman 1 not being installed on Hitman 3

So on Hitman 3 I can play any map from Hawkes Bay to Romania but I can’t play Paris to Hokkaido despite me having the original Hitman 2016 still installed and the levels in Hitman 2 also installed. Due to the transfer I still have all my unlocked from Hitman 1 legacy and I’ve got mastery level 20 on all the maps as well but I can’t access the maps nor the bonus missions and patient zero missions for the locations. When I go on the store, I search for hitman access pass, now hitman 2 and bonus locations are installed but Hitman 2016 is not and it says I have to pay £25 which I don’t want to but I will if its not sorted

I play on the Xbox one S and plan to upgrade to Series X later this year if anyone has any idea what’s going on or knows how to fix please reply

hey i dont know how it works on Xbox, but on Playstation i just selected the Hitman 1 Locations and pressed “get Access”, it took me to the Storepage and i could select it for free.

You dont need to have HITMAN 1 or 2 installed to unlock the Locations.

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I got the same problem (xbox). Somebody wrote that they are fixing it but idk. It‘s frustrating.