Hitman 1 to 2 carry over and legacy pack

My friend just gifted me HITMAN 2 on steam. I also own HITMAN (not the GOTY edition) on Epic Games.
I have two questions regarding my products:

  1. How can I bring my HITMAN progress in HITMAN 2?
  2. How can I play the HITMAN 1 campaign in HITMAN 2?


@Count.Rushmore someone needs you here.

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You can’t sadly. The only possible transfer of progress can happen from H2 to H3. within the same platform roughly.

You can’t for free in this case. It would be possible if you owned H2016 on Steam, but EGS → Steam is not a thing. You would have to buy the Legacy Pack for H2.

What you could do is to use the same IO Account to log into both H2016 and H2, buy Hitman 3 on EGS, and again use the same IO account here as well. If you follow the transfer progress, you will move your (nonexistent) H2 progress. But on the plus side, it should unlock both the H2016 and H2* levels in H3. That still is no free solution but at least comes with more content than you have with both first games.

* Note that due an ongoing issue redeeming H2 from Steam in H3 on Epic is not fully working until later this month.


ok thank you for your help. :slight_smile:

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Oh wait I might have made a mistake on the second half. To get the H2016 levels in H3 you still have to get them into your H2 profile first. So it seems there is no really good solution here.

However the intention is to not rebuy things, so there might come an update for this case as well later this month.

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Are you sure?
The one way I’m aware of is to get HITMAN 2016 GOTY Edition (or free version that been given away in mid-2020), or HITMAN 1 GOTY Access Pass.
The person that asks the question has no sense in redeeming Legacy Pack for HITMAN 2, because he doesn’t have HITMAN 2016 on Steam, and the redeeming process is available only there.
So for him the only way to gather the puzzle of all three games would be upgrading his Epic version of HITMAN 2016 to GOTY Edition or buying HITMAN 1 GOTY Access Pass directly for HITMAN 3.
As he owns gifted version of HITMAN 2 on Steam, theoretically he should be eligible to get H2 locations in HITMAN 3 for free when it becomes possible.

But one thing I would advise to @TheY0L0man is to install HITMAN 2 and play at least one mission from the very start to the very finish and maybe register the game to IOI Account

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I looked it up again and might have confused it with the progression carry over. So far the level access through the IO account on EGS is still a bit of a black box to me. There are the Access Packs but it currently seems to be disconnected to the progression carryover, so I was wrong there.

It is probably better to wait for the next update on this matter.

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There is no such thing.

If you own HITMAN 2 on Steam, you can get access to H2 levels within HITMAN 3 on Epic.
Developers are on it as you know and promise to make it happen any day now.
I suppose the mechanic of the process will be explained by them in a separate blogpost, or via updating the existing Player Guide.

And as for HITMAN 2016, seems it doesn’t matter if you own the game on Steam, you still have to own HITMAN 2016 on Epic to merge the game with HITMAN 3.
I haven’t seen them saying that Steam version of H2016 will be of some sort of important.
You get HITMAN 1 GOTY Access Pass for free if you preorder or buy HITMAN 3 within first 10 days after release. If you’re late, you’ll have to pay the full price for it.
If you redeemed a free HITMAN 2016 game on Epic which was available in June 2020, you can get HITMAN 1 GOTY Access Pass for free at any time.
So there is no third way of obtaining H2016 locations in HITMAN 3

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“So far” = currently. And currently that is not the case yet.

That is why I said we need to wait with this, as the use case of OP (H2 on Steam, H2016 on EGS) is not what IO addressed (H2 + maybe Legacy Pack on Steam).

Not IO but Tim Sweeney said that if you take his tweet by the letter:


If you own H2016 on Steam you might be able to get it in H3. But that is not very important here as OP owns H2016 on EGS. So he indeed can just get the H2016 levels in H3.

I already have registered the game to my account (through GeForce NOW). I don’t understand, why would I need to play a mission?

Hmmm, I bought the gold edition (and I have all the sniper assassin locations as well as the two bonus ones.) Why can’t I see it in the list of owned items?

I do own HITMAN 2016 from the June 2020 sale. However, the game tells me that I need to own either the GOTY edition or the GOTY access pack.

I can’t tell you why, but it was a thing while redeeming Legacy Pack.
Maybe it’s needed so the system see that the game is registered and active, I don’t know.
Maybe you even don’t need this, but who knows what the system needs

Presumably you own a Standard Edition then.
So to merge games, you need either GOTY Edition or HITMAN 1 GOTY Access Pass

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I have recently completed Hitman on PS5 and wanted to transfer over my profile and inventory etc to Hitman 2.

I have just started playing Hitman 2, and none of my previous inventory or player profile is there.

It says in Hitman and Hitman 2 that my IOI profile is linked.

How can I make this happen?

Please help!

Unfortunately, progression does not transfer from Hitman 1 to Hitman 2. It is only available for transferring from H2 into H3.


What about inventory? Doesn’t anything transfer from Hitman 1? It’s telling me I need to complete the beginners levels again to learn how to use the controller! Seems completely bizarre.

The Legacy Pack lets you play the levels from H1 in Hitman 2, but other than that nothing transfers between those two games.

And, as I recall, H2 should start you off on Hawke’s Bay. Whether or not you want to go back and redo the handful of challenges on the tutorial levels is up to you.

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