Hitman 2 Bugaboo

I recently emailed IO Interactive:

Hi IO Interactive

I recently purchased Hitman 2 via steam. Since I’ve started playing the “Three-Headed Serpent” mission however, the game has been often crashing when the game autosaves. In addition, it seems to sometimes crash when I enter a new area of the map. I should be able to run the game, as I’ve been able to flawlessly run Hitman 3 and Hitman 1.

I’ve tried the usual methods to make sure it’s not my PC or an app on it. My firewall allows Hitman 2 through. I have the latest version of DirectX. Hitman 2 is fully updated (as I’ve deleted and reinstalled it in case that was the issue). I even have a modified launch option, which was recommended for continual crashes (-dx12).

As I’ve paid full price for the standard addition of this game, I would really appreciate getting to enjoy it fully. You all make really fun games and I love your work.

Could you please fix this issue?


Since they may not reply, does anyone know how to fix this?

Well in addition to emailing them, you may also submit a request to them via player support. I knew the site says it’s for H3 instead of H2, but it might worth a try, and they may notice it more quickly.

Visit here to submit a request.

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Thank you for the advice! I ended up emailing them as you suggested. I noticed that when I opened Hitman 2 from steam, a launch window would pop up, from which I would have to choose “play.” I noticed that the launch window had an options menu, which allowed me to chose the version of DirectX I wanted to play the game in. For some reason (even though I changed it through steam), the game was running at DirectX 11 instead of 12. I switched it, and the issue was resolved.

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