Hitman 2 challenges to Hitman 3

Hi !
I have Hitman 1 and 2 on Hitman 3.
But about my succeed challenges on Hitman 2, I don’t see the save on Hitman 3.
Is the carryover takes on account the challenges ?
Thank you for your answer ! Hope I am clear :slightly_smiling_face:

In order to get all your unlocks and challenges you need to perform a carryover.
Also it’s essential to mention that carryover will only work within one and same platform.
That means if you own previous HITMAN games on Xbox you couldn’t do a carryover to PS or PC and vice versa.
Also note that none of old saved games will migrate to HITMAN 3.
Only your achievements and unlocks are transferred.
Another thing must be mentioned: carryover process is a one time option.
That means if you’ve done it once, you couldn’t do it repeatedly.

All about carryover can be found here:

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Hi !
But I already did the carryover… :frowning:

And you didn’t get your stuff?
Strange. Have you launched any mission after carryover?

Make sure you have done the progression carryover, not only the location import.

If you have done all the steps correctly but still missing the progress, I suggest visiting the official player support hub and submit a request. There will be a higher chance that IOI people look into your issue.


I’m not sure to understand this sentence:
The Progress Carryover process does not import your HITMAN 2 locations into HITMAN 3. If you want to do that, go to the Access Pass FAQ section for a detailed guide.

It means getting access to H1 and H2 levels in Hitman 3 and transferring your progress (challenges/unlocks/mastery etc.) from those games are two separate processes. (The Access Passes let you play the previous levels. The Progression Carryover transfers all your unlocks and mastery.)

So, for example, I got access to the previous levels, but I didn’t transfer my progress so I had to unlock everything from the first two games again. (Theoretically, I suppose someone could transfer their progress and not get access to the levels, but that would be weird. :grin:)