Hitman 2 co-op help

Looking to complete the 3 co-op levels as last trophy’s needed for 100% PS4 user name CraftyCarrper

co-op levels? which ones? sniper or ghost mode? also what console?

Sniper levels Himmelstien, Hantu port & Siberia PS4

by the sounds of it co-op is dead. i checked online to see if i remembered it right thinking if sniper co-op was dead.

As far as I know they were not shut down yet.


oh. okay. guess i must’ve missed something when reading through. what’s the shut down date?

Pretty safe to assume it’s not happening anymore. Mid-2020 it was announced it would happen before H3 launched in January 2021. That date has been and gone and the matchmaking servers have remained functional.


so matchmaking is up but you can’t connect with anyone?

There is never anybody on🤷‍♂️

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