Hitman 2 DLC (Golden Handshake and Last Resort - copied)

Dear lovely people on this forum,

I have a dumb question. Forever ago, I followed through the porting instructions using an IOI account, and successfully ported my purchased my Steam Hitman and Hitman 2 content into Hitman 3 purchased via Epic games. Toady I was feeling nostalgic and read an article that rated the Hitman levels, and I saw 2 DLC levels from 2 that I had never played. I’m looking at the DLC available and I’m not sure what pack it is I need to buy. Again, I’m using Hitman 3 via Epic, and I want to buy the two DLC levels from Hitman 2. I don’t think that is the $40 pack because I already have the primary levels from 2 in my game. But I don’t know where to go next. Help!

Clint, a clueless fan

(For clarity, there is a copy of this question in the Hitman 2 section as well)

For the Hitman 2 DLC content, you need to purchase the “Hitman 2 Expansion” Access Pass. That will get you New York, Haven, a couple of Sniper maps and a handful of suits and items.

And it does look like it’s $40 at the moment, but if Epic is anything like PlayStation, it tends to go on sale fairly regularly.

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Many thanks! I appreciate the response

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Thanks so much for the heads up. Turns out I’m a bigger idiot than I thought. Or at least me from the past was cleverer, because it was already owned, I just had never played.

New question, which I can post separately if no one responds, but less clutter this way: What’s with the lens flares? I think it’s a hitman 2 into hitman 3 issue because of different directX uses, but holy crap it’s annoying. Is this a common complaint with an easy fix?

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It may or may not be a glitch.

They did add some lens flares in H2 and H3. And there have been complaints about them from people who do not like them for personal preferences. But lens flares themselves are not a glitch.

However, some people reported that the lens flares in their game are much more intense than how they should be. This is a glitch.

Compare your gameplay screen to other players’ screens to find whether you are experiencing a glitch or not. Note that there have been many patches throughout the trilogy, so some footage from earlier versions will look different from the current version.

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