Hitman 2 Expansion Merge

What is the likelihood of IOI making a Hitman 3 expansion that only adds the Hitman 2 Season Pass? I have transferred Hitman 2 (base game) into Hitman 3, but I really can’t afford to pay $100 for a few extra missions and sniper assassin levels. It would be nice to buy Hitman 2 DLC directly into Hitman 3. Solutions?

I think you’re looking for the Hitman 2 Expansion Access Pass. Which:

Includes: Locations and missions currently available in the HITMAN 2 Expansion Pass: New York, Haven Island, plus 3x Sniper Assassin maps: Himmelstein, Hantu Port, Siberia and 4x Special Assignments.

(The Hitman 2 Standard Access Pass is the base game, the Hitman 2 Gold Access pass is Standard + Expansion.)

Depending on what platform you’re on, you can find the appropriate Access Pass guides here.


Right, but I have the base game. Buying Hitman 2 Gold would cost me $100 for just a few additional missions. That’s more than Hitman 2 base game itself. I’m wondering about the likelihood of IOI just releasing a DLC for Hitman 2 expansions— for under $60.

But you don’t have to buy the Gold Pass. There’s the Expansion Access Pass with just the Expansion content. I’m not sure what the price is currently, but I would imagine that it’s around $40, though I think it has been on sale a couple of times already.

Edit: I just checked and it is indeed $40 on the PlayStation Store right now.

Interesting. So by getting the Hitman III Access Pass: Hitman 2 Expansion Pass, I can get the Hitman 2 bonus levels within Hitman 3 without doing a game merge?

Yes that’s correct.

20 corrects

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What do you mean by ‘game merge’?

Buying the H2 Expansion Access pass will let you play New York, Haven and the rest of the expansion content I quoted above (in Hitman 3, of course). There shouldn’t be anything else required.

Thank you for the help everyone! My premise seems to have been incorrect.

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I think they mean if they buy the Expansion Pass for Hitman 2, they’d need to re-merge the game data and licenses (but I don’t think that’s possible or needed – the store should automatically grant the H2 Legacy Expansion Access Pass for free in H3.)

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Bottom line is there needs to be a HITMAN Trilogy pack for like maybe $100-120 that grants everything to someone that might not have any of the content.