Hitman 2 Expansion pass in H3 problem

Hello guys. Dont know if this is the right place but if its not im sorry. So my problem is this:
I have PS5 and PS4 which are sharing accounts. On my PS4 i bought Hitman 1 GOTY and Hitman 2 Gold edition with the expansion pass. Yesterday i bought Hitman 3 on my PS5 and did the carry over process and added all the hitman 1 maps and goty edition stuff and all the normal maps from hitman 2 but i cant access new york an haven island and the two sniper missions.When i try to access them it goes to the psn store and ask me to buy the hitman 3:Hitman 2 expansion pass. I have hitman 2 gold edition with everything installed on my ps4 which i share my account with. Is it the problem because the gold edition stuff is from the shared account and is there any chance to redeem it from free in Hitman 3 on my ps5. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I can’t quite figure out why and what is causing this issue. I guess it’s due to you using 2 different accounts to play these games. And your PS5 one probably don’t own the Gold edition add-ons, because it all technically belongs to your PS4 account. Anyway. all I can suggest to you is a link to IOI’s official player support page. They might be able to solve your issue.

Click the top right “Submit a request” button at the following page:

Thanks for the help. I will try