Hitman 2 legacy, co-op RANT

I’m probably shouting and wailing at clouds here, but I’m hoping that IOI actually read this, see my point and make some alterations.

I enjoy playing great games and getting all the achievements on them. Unfortunately it turns out when WOA happened, IOI decided to prevent Hitman 2 players from playing the Hitman 2 DLC and legacy missions - instead moving them across into WOA.

I get it, I do. It’s for new players to streamline the entire series - but man, it would be nice to actually play those legacy and DLC missions in Hitman 2, yano?

I can’t imagine it would take much to make them available for download for Hitman 2 players before we move across to Hitman 3.

Initially I thought WOA meant if you bought it, you’d get legacy and DLC for Hitman 2, as well as all the content for Hitman 3 - but it’s very Hitman 3 focused and I’ve wasted a bunch of money trying to get access to that legacy and DLC content.

It would be nice if, in the future say, you either update Xbox store so I can buy those add-ons, or remove the unobtainable achievements from Hitman 2, or make legacy achievements in Hitman 3 retroactively carry over when Hitman 2 is played - with the co-op achievements automatically unlocked.



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  1. IOI announced the delisting of Hitman (2016) and Hitman 2 and all related DLC January 3rd prior to its removal on January 26. If you had Hitman 2 before that, you had notification (assuming you read one of the various gaming sites that published the news, or IOI’s own website) and the onus was on you. It isn’t coming back.

  2. As I don’t think WOA is available physically for Xbox, (unless you have a Hitman 3 disc from 2021), the Xbox store shows you what DLC is available for the game, and the DLC also tells you which product it works for. Not sure why you thought Hitman 3 DLC would work with Hitman 2. Also, I assume you don’t have Game Pass as Hitman 3 is available to play through the service.

  3. If you got a physical disc for Hitman 2 after January 26 (which may be the case as your second paragraph does give me the impression you may be an achievement hunter), this happens with other games with delistings due to various reasons (end-of-life: Halo 360 games, annual franchises: EA sports, licensing: various Activision games). And some of those don’t give delisting notifications like IOI did (the 343 forums were fun for the sudden delisting of the Halo 360 games a couple years ago). Go to TrueAchievement dot com and you’ll get various opinions on that subject.

  4. Unobtainable achievements. I refer you to TrueAchievement again for various stories across several game. And every once in a while we get a thread about the contracts in Absolution and getting servers back for that game so hunters can get the achievements/trophies (always fun when that chestnut gets brought up). I imagine we can add the Hitman (2016) and Hitman 2 DLC achievements to that now. But why should the DLC achievements get deleted, when numerous players including myself unlocked them when the game and DLC were released. My response would be a few four-letter words about that subject.

However, if you want to get the DLC, you can look for Hitman 2 Gold Edition (or Collector’s Edition which has some physical collectable bonuses), which has a code for the expansion pass DLC. Amazon or eBay is probably your best starting point. Of course, the risk is the code has been redeemed, hopefully you can find one that is still valid or the packaging has not been tampered if the listing states “new.”


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  1. I don’t keep up with gaming news, I’m afraid. I still have the expectation that developers keep providing a service for a game I paid for.

I can kind of understand it if the game is very old, maybe 10-15+ years.

  1. yeah. That’s my bad, tbh. In my head I thought it a possibility that WOA, when bought, would give you access to each games DLC’s and expansions in those games - with the option for new players to be able to get Hitman 3, and have access to them all there.

  2. that’s my mistake not explaining properly - I meant for those who have not unlocked those achievements, though I am guessing it would effect those who did unlock them.


I did manage to get access to the Hitman 2 expansion with the Gold version of the game. So that’s something at least.

It does surprise me that the content is still out there, just not findable.

So I’m wondering if that may be the same with the legacy content. That’s such a solvable issue if it is, though. Just give people access to what’s out there?

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Are you talking about the Hitman (2016) legacy content for Hitman 2?

If so, you will need a copy of Hitman (Complete First Season, GOTY, and Definitive Edition all have the Summer Bonus pack). I do not recall if the Summer Bonus pack is a DLC code, I don’t think it is. Any codes would be for cosmetics (Requiem Suit, IOI cosmetic pack, etc.) if I am recalling correctly.

From there you can redeem for the Legacy Pack in Hitman 2. However, I am not sure if that it still possible since WOA.

Note: saves for Hitman (2016) is completely independent. You can transfer your save from Hitman 2 to Hitman 3/WOA via your IOI account, but this transfer will overwrite your H3 save. It will automatically unlock any H2 achievements in H3/WOA you have completed.

Owning the Gold Expansion Pass DLC in H2 will grant you access to the DLC to unlock the maps in H3/WOA.

Yeah, the legacy content for Hitman 2 that allows you to play missions from Hitman 1.

So far from what I’ve scoured it’s impossible to play those missions in Hitman 2.

It would be nice if that’s fixed - maybe a retroactive carry over if you unlock them in Hitman 3?

I really love the series so I wouldn’t mind unlocking them all again. It’s just a shame there’s going to be a bunch of achievements missing from my Hitman 2 game when I’ve got them all after playing Hitman 1!

Hopefully a fix can be sorted in the future.

Thanks for your help though!

I don’t think the Legacy Pack is still redeemable.

I checked last night but didn’t follow up on the forum. The Hitman (2016) Legacy Pack is no longer redeemable.

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Ahh thanks for checking.

That sucks, no worries!