Hitman 2 maps not appearing in Hitman 3?

Hi, I am having an issue, I own Hitman 1, 2 and 3 and Hitman 3 is saying I don’t own the second game and i cannot access the maps in game, how can i fix this?

What platform are you on?

If you’re on PS4 then you can choose ‘get access’ and you should see that the store page says ‘download’ rather than buy

I’m on PC and all the games are linked to my IOI account so i don’t know whats happening

They said working on it, and it will be access in February.
I wish it will. :penguin:

HITMAN GOTY Access Pass you should of had a limited time offer to get it for free after you purchased HITMAN 3 on EGS.

HITMAN 2 IO is currently working on getting those maps to people who already own them.