Hitman 2 Maps on PC

Hi guys.

Has there been any update today (launch day) regarding the hitman 2 maps being available in hitman 3 on pc? I originally planned on replaying the trilogy and fail to understand why I cant play them all on hitman 3 when I have been given the hitman 1 access pass for free and the hitman 2 access pass is there. Surely if I have hitman 2 on steam I should just be able to redeem the corresponding access pass for free?

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no update as of yet on when they will have an update.

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Funny thing is they have the Access Pass in there to buy

Is someone going to spend 20€ on that?

So basically an indefinite amount of time while the discount only lasts for 2 weeks. This is the kinda shit that we’ve come to expect from IOI it seems.


I’m sure they will not leave this for after the discount ends, that would be even worse than what they did before and they’ve seen the consequences of that

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I want to also thank you for beta testing this

official word to us seems to be “go fuck youself, we got ours”