Hitman 2 Season Pass Not Working on PS4

I recently purchased the Hitman 2 Gold Edition while it was on sale on the PlayStation Store, which comes with the Hitman 2 Season Pass, allowing access to the 2 bonus levels and a couple other things. On my copy of the game, however, my game thinks I haven’t purchased the pass. Even when I went into the store from the game to purchase the pass, the store knows I bought the pass. Is there any fix for this issue or what should I do?

This sounds rather unusual. Could you check if there’s any add-ons for your game to install? To check them, (assuming you’re playing on PS4) go to the main menu of your console, select the game, hold the d-pad down button :arrow_down: until you see the add-ons.

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If you’ve tried what Yellow wrote and you don’t find them there then you’ll find them in the PS Store.

If you purchased Gold Edition then there shouldn’t be any issues with installing the Expansion Pass DLCs.
To install the Expansion Pass DLCs, you need to go to the PS Store and search for them individually.

Example, if you want to install Siberia: Go to the PS Store > search Hitman Siberia > install.

You need to do this with all 10 Expansion Pass DLCs. You’ll find them all in the PS Store ready to be installed when you enter their pages.

The 10 Expansion Pass DLCs that you can install from the PS Store are:

  • Locations: New York & Haven Island.
  • Sniper Assassin: Hantu Port & Siberia.
  • Special Assignments Pack 1 & Special Assignments Pack 2
  • Packs: Collectors Pack, Winter Sports Pack, Smart Casual Pack & Executive Pack.
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