Hitman 2 servers on xbox

Like a few others i cannot connect to the servers at all on xbox, im using one x.

I have transfered progress to hitman 3, and for the last almost 3 weeks I’m unable to complete challenges, gain any xp and level up. I dont have this problem on ps4.

I have tried tweeting ioi but they never respond, and email, but no reply. Theres also a thread at trueachievements.com about this problem.

How do we go about getting ioi to actually look into this.

So what you claimed is that you can’t connect to the server on your Xbox One X after you made the progress transfer while playing the older HITMAN 2 game. Am I getting it right?

In any case, you may want to check your cable connection on your console, or perhaps just play H3 on Xbox since you have already made progression carryover. You may also visit this site to check if there’s a server maintenance going on for each platform: