Hitman 2 (Steam) keeps crashing on Whittleton Creek

whenever I try to go to WC for anything, be it the Janus mission or escalations, the game crashes to desktop during loading with no error message.

I’ve tried rebooting my pc, turning down the settings to the minimum, switching DX between 11 and 12, turning vsync on and off, switching between Exclusive Fullscreen and regular Fullscreen, installing HitmanVK and turning Windows Defender on and off.

the drivers are up to date, I don’t have GeForce Experience installed

every other level works fine (both legacy and Hitman 2)

specs: 750Ti 2GB
Windows 10 64bit

UPD: somehow verifying the game files fixed it, no idea what happened…

I had the same problem with Bangkok and the bonus mission (the icon, etc…) just uninstall and reinstall the map via the DLC list.