Hitman 2 The Classics bug

I’ve encountered a bug where I’ve finished The Ark Society - Isle of Sgail on Master difficulty, Silent Assassin Suit Only, which unlocked all the corresponding classic challenges except 3 challenges, “The Classics” on Professional and Casual, despite having unlocked all of the SA, SASO, Sniper A., SO and No evidence single challenges for all difficulties, so the 3rd unlocked challenge is “The Classics 2” which won’t unlock because of the two “The Classics” that aren’t unlocked.

This in turn blocks all my destinations at 99% which is very frustrating. And no amount of replay either in master, professional or casual will solve it.

The same problem was encountered with this person apparently : https://www.reddit.com/r/HiTMAN/comments/hks11h/the_classics_2_bug/

Unfortunately, you probably have encountered an Internet disconnection during your unlocking progress, which will reset the counter even with completed challenges. There won’t be any further patch for HITMAN 2, so these uncompleted challenges may stick to your profile permanently.

There is an official website, which can completely wipe out all of your progress on one profile. You may solve this problem yourself by going through the process and completing challenges again. But please consider this as the last resort as you will lose everything you’ve unlocked.

Well thanks for the reply, it’s very hard to accept though, specially since I had left Isle of Sgail for last…

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