Hitman 2 the culinary trip bug

Is there anybody else having a problem with feeding the crows him having a major problem with getting this done I’ve done all the challenges I poisoned them all like I’m supposed to even checks off the challenges as done I’ve even escaped on master mode with all challenges done and still I can’t get the knife it keeps going back to 2 of 4 saying feed the crows not done…seriously thinking of not pre-ordering

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Had this very same bug this week too.
Poison 3 crows, completed challenge pop up, finish mission, then it’s no longer completed.

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Its odd there’s not too much about it on this forum, hopefully they come up with a patch

Yes. It doesn’t work.

1/3 completed
2/3 completed
3/3 completed
Culinary completed.
Mission completed.

After mission Culinary is not completed


It is weird as this bug came up only recently, much after the last patch.

I am sure it does not help here but the undone challenge is actually helpful if you want to do long-range shots with the Sieker (unlocked in New York as emetic poison). If the Challenge progress pops up you know you hit the target. :smirk:

I tried 10 times using sieker, rat poison, 50/50, killing them and more.

Challenge completed but after mission is not completed

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I’m not surprised, don’t forget that there has been a major server upgrade in december. Given the number of challenges (more than 1000), a regression can happen quickly, like on Stadia currently for some challenges.

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Exactly the same problem for me

Thanks for tagging them in on this. I suspect, however, that they aren’t worried about a single platform challenge bug from H2 right now. And I wouldn’t expect them to be, while it would be great to have this sorted, I’m sure H3 is all they’re working on right now.

I also have this problem. I’ve done feeding the birds in Chasing a Ghost and Illusion of Grandeur. It poped up as completed but after ending the mision it shows as undone. I hope they IOI will fix that in Hitman 3.