Hitman 2 unlocks in H3

Do your unlocked weapons/tools in Hitman 2 carry over to Hitman 3?

They can, if you choose to transfer your progress and follow the steps outlined here:


And if i dont have everything unlocked in H2 will i be able to unlock rest of items in h3?

I believe so. When H3 first came out, there were two or three items from H2 that weren’t available to unlock in H3, but they’ve since added challenges for them back into the game.

(Except for the Electrocution Phone, which they straight up removed and doesn’t transfer for anyone.)


If you don’t have any unlocks in your HITMAN 2 why doing a carryover at all?
You can just merge up all three games within HITMAN 3 and play normally unlocking and achieving everything from all three games.
Mind you, as it stands right now, carryover process is one time thing.
That means you couldn’t do it repeatedly unless developers do something to allow players another try.

It’s entirely up to you of course, but I suggest you buy HITMAN 3 on Steam when it arrives there on 20th of January, merge all your three games there (I believe you have previous 2 there) and just play normally

Actully i have unlocked suits and alot of weapons/tools but there are still some unlocks left.

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