Hitman 2016 GOTY Digital Bonus Content No Longer Available?

Hi, I remember when the GOTY update hit I had the soundtrack and some other extras as “Digital Bonus Content” dlc. I reinstalled the game because I wanted that content for tomorrow, but instead of a “Digital Bonus Content” folder, theres only an “Empty Steam Depot” folder.

Is there any way I can get the standalone OST back?

With the Deluxe Edition of HITMAN 3 you’ll get all the soundtracks for all 3 games


I do have it preordered, but kind of a bummer the “you won’t have to repurchase content on pc” notice only applies to the games and not the bonus OST/making of :confused:


Haven’t seen it anywhere yet either, my guess is they’ll add it to your IO profile page. There’s a directory for bonuses and rewards that could be a good place for this by the time the servers calm down.