Hitman 2016 - Where's all the sniper rifles?

I just bought a used PS4, and Hitman 2016, and Hitman 2. I played through every mission in Hitman 2016 in Offline mode. I have absolutely no idea where to find the better weapons:
• Suppressed Sniper Rifle
• Suppressed ballers etc?

I remember playing Hitman Silent Assassin & Contracts back in the day. You could finish the levels (and game) with silent assassin rating, get all of these cool suppressed rifles, ballers, and go back and re-play the levels all over again, sit and snipe your way through every level.

Where is this feature in Hitman 2016? Do I need to download and update patch or something. This game was lackluster and didn’t impress me at all. The graphics were amazing, but I never found the silenced ballers or sniper rifles, etc. No mines that you could throw at people or leave in a location to detonate later — only the proximity mine.

I was waiting for “unlocked” weapons once I finished the game, but found nothing. What am I missing to get access to these weapons? — Thanks.

You can unlock items in the game, but you have to connect to the game servers to do so. Why did you play in offline mode? :thinking:


There is the ‘A House Built on Sand’ escalation that gives you the Sieger 300 Ghost, and getting to Level 20 10 on Colorado, on Professional Difficulty will give you another sniper rifle that plays the ‘Ava Maria’ song when looking through the scope.


thrison: I’m such a basic gamer, I’ve just purchased a used PS4, just to get re-introduced to the Hitman series that I loved from years earlier. I’m not really an “online” gamer. I hate the fact that so many companies are pushing people to be online to play, and scoring bullshit. I really don’t care about stats, I just want to play the game with unlocked weapons, to replay the levels.

Tetrafish_21: When I started playing Hitman, there was no option anywhere to set the level of difficulty. I just played the training levels, and went right into each subsequent level until I finished the game.

I just find this process agonizing. I thought I’d be able to download that content from Sony’s site. But now, after creating a Sony account, providing an email, and password, I’m having so much trouble just logging in, no matter how many times I “reset” the password. I hate their stupid website/login process. Something doesn’t work correctly with the login process.

When I setup the account for the Hitman site, each time I click on the login page, it remembers my email, and password, and presto, I’m in. The Sony site is so unnecessarily complicated, and doesn’t work properly.

There is no “online” functionality. It simply allows you to access all capabilities by downloading contracts and such from the server.

Atampy26, when I do finally do get to download these contracts from the server, will the new content be downloaded to my PS4’s hard drive?

Or can I only play them while in online mode?


Contracts aren’t downloaded from the server, they’re accessed from them. So contracts, escalations and progression are only available while you’re online.

Ok, so if I understand this correctly, I can access contracts, escalations, progression etc, ONLY while playing online.

Once I’ve completed these progressions, do they unlock other weapons that can be used in offline mode in order to replay levels I’ve already completed?

Right. Basically, the only thing you can do offline is play the main missions (but without the ability to unlock any the challenges).

But they did patch it pretty early on so that any weapons, tools, starting locations, smuggling points, etc. you unlock while playing online will be available if you return to offline mode.


I’m just so bummed with this game. I really wish IO had thought of this. It’s as if they tried to make it as tactical as possible. All the nuances of Silent Assassin and Contracts aren’t there. No foreign accents, no ability to unlock sniper rifles to replay the mission, sit and perch on top of a tower and just pick everything off the map. That’s what I thought was so entertaining about the original versions.

Questions for you guys. I have a Sony Login and password now. When I plug my modem in via ethernet into the PS4, do I just enter my DNS server number, and user ID etc to log into Sony?

And, as far as missions go — after I’ve gone through the online content. If I gain a silenced sniper rifle in a given level, if I restart another level, can I add that sniper rifle to ANY subsequent level to replay?

I feel like such a tech-newb. I used to play Unreal tournament back in the day on my PC, logging into different servers to play online. But we’re talking 1998-1999. My god I’m old.

Not sure about the DNS thing, but once your console is ready for online, you enter your login ID(email) and password to log in. Additional authentication may be required. How to sign in and out of PlayStation™Network US

You can bring your unlockables to any level except the ICA Facility, Hokkaido(before level 20), and Escalations with a specific complication. Use the Agency Pickup when planing the mission to bring a large item such as a sniper rifle with you.