Hitman 3 - 3.120 - July 26th Patch Notes - (the Ambrose Patch)

Finally! I’ve been complaining about that MSS glitch for now and its fixed Now! Also Ashens suit issue I wrote directly to Travis got resolved. And HSF too, So many long time issues has been fixed. Ty, IO!
Edit: Can someone please check on coconut behind bar in Hangout Area and if Almond’s dagger is Still unplacable on all surfaces? I am currently off computer.

Anyone else keep getting disconnected? I guess the server might be overloaded with too many people at once playing the new map. It’s taking like 10-20 secs to open an item select menu, load a save, etc.

Perhaps limit access to those who preordered the game originally until August.

The question is: Will the Molotov Cocktail act as a fire accident kill? Or is it just to ignite stuff?

I also really like the widget for the gameplay settings!

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Finally. Thank you @Travis_IOI and the whole IOI team.
Was quite of annoying when 47 is in the server room doing his stuff and suddenly Tyson spots him, being on the very highest floor of the mansion.
Now on to other wallhack stuff fixes hopefully. Because there are quite a lot of them in the game


Seems they changed it so it just blows stuff up unless all the times ive used it ive missed the method to do the fire bit

Its not in any of the campaign tabs so honestly? I think its good where it is. Its a part of Hitman 3’s rollout so it should be in there to show that it was made for that game


And honestly maybe it should be in the side missions tab. Idk where tho

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I found a “bug”. When you leave the map with Grey in the helicopter, Grey has a hole in his chest and bloody hands :sweat_smile: I know that model of him exist, being in that coffin, but he shouldn’t sit like this in a helicopter. It’s not safe, flying with such a wound!


Something weird… On PS4, ater the patch, the June roadmap is now shown on the main H3 screen.


A really important fix happened to us PC players: 47 finally turns realistically and slowly when turning him around via the keyboard. The instant, robotic movement is gone. I had given up hope on that long ago.

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Can anyone else on PC not load save games? Or is this because I left some old mods on (SMF doesn’t currently work so if I remove the mods I won’t be able to re-deploy them)

I did a Master mode save on my first session in Ambrose after I killed Crest, but now I have to start from scratch, didn’t even get to finish my first playthrough :weary:

You’ll notice the load menu doesn’t even have Enter key as an option, but the save menu does

Edit: I removed mods and it still doesn’t work for me on EGS, but it works on Vanilla Steam

UPDATE: Nvm, it was because one of the save games takes place during a mod I no longer have installed (Noodle Massacre), apparently that ruins the entire load game function :sweat_smile:

Still have to redo a playhthrough from scratch tho :frowning:

This update is pretty hefty in terms of QoL improvements and bug fixing, also great to get confirmed a new patch is coming sooner than later.

And a huge thank you to the team for Ambrose Island, one of the best maps in my opinion! :100:


Actually that might be better. If they put it into the campaign, it would slow down the pace of the story (not to mention the cutscene style wouldn´t fit well between WC and Sgail). Probably better if they put it alongside the side missions from H1. Or if they by any chance make one more bonus mission in the future, they can just create a separate category (probably unlikely).


Everyone keeps saying about how the cutscene style of Ambrose won’t fit between H2 missions, yet ignore another, IMHO much more significant issue - Ambrose’s casual, “just another little contract” mood would feel out of place if it was put between the cutscenes of WC and IoS, where we see basically the climax of H2 plotline and anticipate the emotional resolution for this chapter of the story.

If you do not agree with me, I suggest rewatching H2 cutscenes, preferably the whole thing starting with “Homecoming”:

All H2 scenes from YT

Hitman 2 (2018) - All Cutscenes - Full Game Movie (1080 HD) - YouTube

Would an episode of “Oh btw until we have nothing to do until the next mission let’s cut this loose end and grab some cash in the progress” feel right in the middle of the emotional journey of 47, finally getting lead on Providence and getting some retribution for himself and his brother?

Please keep in mind that I’m not criticizing the existence of the level, its story or mood. Rather, the potential impact on the narrative flow it would cause if put in the middle of H2 levels. I just found it funny that people are more concerned with the fact that some cutscenes are stylised still images while the others is a prerendered game engine footage, apparently the dissonance from that would have been much more unpleasant :upside_down_face:


Haven’t played it yet, but I’m totally okay with spoilers.
So, Grey is back or this mission takes place some time before he departs?


Yes, the mission takes place between Whittleton Creek and Sgail and Grey is the handler of the mission :relaxed:

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Itd be cool if they did another location or two using the inbetween points (like Dubai-Haven or anything pre-Bangkok) and put them all in an “Untold Stories” tab


It has a small explosion radius. To see the full “on fire” animation aim it a meter away from the person you want to burn.


I think you’ll love the cocktail molotov for contracts! It can be used for three different kill methods!
Counts as a melee throw kill if you throw it at someone
Count as explosive device if person is very close to impact area
Count as fire kill if in the general area of impact


Honestly this might be the best item IO has ever made both in terms of usefulness and in terms of ingeniousness. The fart briefcase and the Sieker have their place, i dont view them as so useful theyre broke but they are overpowered. What balances them for me is the risk of being caught and the fact its not an automatic kill - it requires waiting

The molotov while certainly an automatic kill has two risk factors - the risk of overaiming, the risk of being caught throwing an illegal item and the risk of being caught after a loud noise has happened. IO have finally nailed how to make an item thats both useful and balanced to the point that its actually a risk to use. Maybe my favorite item theyve done and itll probably get nerfed lol


speaking of it

Flying Cocktail Molotov