Hitman 3 - 3.130 - October 6th Patch Notes

They’ve always nerfed items in this way; it’s rare they removed any. You make it sound like removing weapons happens all the time, when that’s happened precisely once.

Also, that puts it in line the rest of the explosives. Oh well.


Noooo!!! I unlocked it just yesterday, after three months of hiatus from Hitman, and I can’t even enjoy it as free accident kill! :scream:

Goddammit, just my luck. At this point, Molly it’s good only for messing around.

Btw, when they’ll fixing the Kalmer glitch at this point? That is even more game breaking.

At last, it seems a good patch after all. Too bad for Molly!


Half the problem with the molotov was how inconsistent it felt. Half the time it just exploded (voiding S/A), when the other half, it was an accident (which kept it), and to this day I still don’t entirely know how it works. As IOI said, it just didn’t make much sense from any perspective, balance or believability. Now it just acts like any other explosive, which makes sense.

The E-phone falls under the same umbrella. While it’s more believable an ICA gadget could do that, if the accident kill property was removed, it’ll just be the RFID Coin situation; an item so specific that it isn’t useful. Not to mention being inconsistent as every other electrocution kill does accident kills.

I wouldn’t get your hopes up, basically.

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Yea but that makes the molotov inconsistent with how fire works and i’d still say an e-phone without an accident is useful because it can be used to activate propane and puddles for example. The molotov we’ll have to see, i think the wallbang aspect will still be useful tbf

I don’t think the wall-banging will save it. That said, i’m willing to be proven wrong on that.

We already have the ICA Electrocution Device for that; which replaced the phone, not to mention other electrocution gadgets; that won’t change much.

It’ll be an explosive kill without an explosion essentially. I can’t say it’ll be useless, but it’ll be very niche, and arguably worse than existing electrocution methods. There really isn’t much point bringing it back, other than “people on the forums are salty about an item being removed”.

Not really the ICA elec devices cant kill targets. The phone if it returned definitely could plus itd be an audio lure

Well I’m glad I didn’t make any contracts involving the molotov, but that nerf will probably break a few of them :confused: How is the fire kill classified now that it’s not an accident anymore? Explosion? Any Method? (I really hope it’s not the latter)

One thing I won’t miss at all however is the Bangkok bread puking, glad it’s now a thing from the past. The new Mendoza exit will also make suit only less tedious on that map, that’s nice.

No fix for the Picasso aprons though :confused:

This is nobody’s fault. IO have historically made this type of choice, because they obviously err on the side that believes some sort of balance to the items of, yes, even a singleplayer game, matters. The Molotov simply had functions that they did not intend, and now it’s fixed. I don’t think it’s due to any fan outcry one way or another.


IO are smart enpugh that when a change is made its retroactive. So if you kill someone with the molotov fire accident the game remembers that and if it becomes something else it gets retroactively changed

But they can activate propane tanks, which is what I was getting at.

Yea but then you have to find a propane flask in the map and then throw it or shoot it and theres still a merit to having something that doesnt need that kind of setup but isnt a full on explosion either

I don’t think that’s true. The accident kill properties seemed very deliberate to me, so I sense this was motivated by how players used it. As they said, it looks weird and doesn’t make sense, which is very much the case.

The wallbanging doesn’t appear to be fixed because collision for this kind of thing is quite a tricky thing to do. That appears to be a bug, as explosive could already do that; the molotov just made that easier by being explode on contact.

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So happy to see those new accessibility options! Having a toggle for running, in particular, is so much more convenient than having to hold L1 all the time.

Very good decision to add a new exit to Mendoza, I do hope it will show up for both of the suit only entrances near that area (default entrance near Diana, the other entrance near all the guests) since the car is in a different position for both.

Finally sightlines for Haven are fixed on console too. Map hopefully fixed in Marrakesh and no more vomiting on the bread in Bangkok. Decent changes!

Absolutely loving 17’s Suit! Been wanting that look in the trilogy for the longest time now. Can’t wait to unlock it!


Your argument earlier that brining back the elec phone was that it could potentially be used to activate propane flasks. Now you’re against that?

Honestly I’m fine with the change, it just makes far more sense and it also probably helped with coding things for the future (being able to separate traditional accidental kill types with being labeled always as an accident), it also might mean we get the electrocution phone back so it’s a win-win!

It also ensures speedrunning doesn’t turn into a game of “where can I throw the Molotov without people seeing me”


Not to me, it didn’t. The fact that it had to be in a certain outer range of the Molotov tells me that it was more a property of their fire-mechanics than the intended function of the Molotov itself.

Thats a bit of a misreading of my comment, almost to the point of smug hostility. Im saying it has multiple uses, it could be an audio device, it could activate propane and electrocutions to be an accident, and as a non accident it’s almost completely silent and without needing prior setup. It’s possible to have more than one opinion

Distance, in a close proximity it’s an explosive device, in a further one it’s fire accident, you just need to juggle in between



So basically an explosive phone…but silent. That seems balanced.

I’m not against itr being changed like this, for the record, but I don’t think such an update will happen.

Yea thats kinda what the phones are. Theyre a category of unlock with similar purposes. A bit like how the gas grenade and gas device both shoot gas. Are you okay man? You seem to be in a sour mood lately i hope you get some water or a good sleep today