Hitman 3 - 3.130 - October 6th Patch Notes

Please stop trying to discredit anything I say to being tied to my behaviour, that is very rude. I’m not in a “sour mood”, I just have a knack for balance, and I say what I think, and none of my comments seem particularly mean.

That said, I have reached my sarcasm quota.

Well sometimes i get grouchy online too even if it’s for good reason. I just dont find it constructive to be so sarcastic personally

I’d just like to point out that the electrocution isn’t silent, if there’s anybody even remotely near the target they will turn around from the sound, they don’t just drop dead instantly without a word.

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I was gonna mention that, good shout.

Btw, how great is it that we can now start this whole thing up again? Thank you IO. Can’t wait for all the usual suspects to make their appearance here again. I’m sure these discussions will be super productive, and everyone will walk away thinking: “damn, I really learned something today”.


It only got started up because people equated them removing accident kill properties to bringing back an item.

If such discussion continues to occur, i’m leaving. I have a video responding to all this nonsense that needs finishing (and updating due to this update), and the arguments for the e-phone seem more based in emotions rather than looking at the facts.

See i was of the opinion to begin with that in terms of if you had to either keep the phone or remove it or someone would die it’s better to have it removed. Im just saying hypothetically it’d be nice and to play devil’s advocate. But i also enjoyed the molotov and felt it was a really balanced weapon

The idea we need to look at emotions or facts in a video game item is strange to me. Turning video games into debates isnt productive, people need to learn that when someone says itd be nice if an item was added it’s not a personal invitation that he wants to get a college lecture on how he’s a piece of shit. On the other hand sending travis 500 threatening emails wont bring back a 3d model of a blue phone

Those are just polar opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to discussion. There can be good balance discussion, it only turns ugly when everyone stonewalls all the damn time and no opinions are changed.

As should be obvious, please don’t harass the developers or PR people…ever.

No one ever changes their opinions really when it comes to video games i believe. They just wanna dm employees threatening to saw their head off for adding an anime swordfighter

I don’t think that’s true at all. Show them graphs and proof about what they’re right/wrong about, and the opposing side will be more likely to listen. Weight in arguments works wonders.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this patch, thanks to all at IOI for making the efforts you do to improve the game. I’m also glad to see that Ambrose Island can now be accessed all the time in the Destinations Menu regardless of an online connection. Haven Island issues now fixed for all platforms, Hokkaido map fixed, a new exit for all disguises in Mendoza too!

Thanks again! :smiley:

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It took me an hour to read all of it. It’s amazing.


Yes, honestly, after tried few times, I discovered it doesn’t felt so unbalanced.
You’re were noticed very fast while keeping it in hand in your suit, and the chance to get insta-spotted while throwing it were high, even from distance.
It wasn’t still so easy to obtain SA, the only overpowered things were the wallbang and the dart glitch.
It’s really a shame ioi decided to nerf it totally instead.

And then someone twitter replies with “I disagree

Source: i made it up + L + ratio + theres a pipe bomb in your mailbox”

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Alexa play dark Interpol



I spent an hour on this, and I do not regret it.


This is so amazing, my god. So looking forward to the changes!

And we get the banana!! :banana:


They finally added another exit in Mendoza, that improves the map a lot. :smiley: Also finally good unlocks, I’ll definitely use the banana and the agent 17 suit.

Maybe the molotov nerf was needed, but it was fun while it lasted.


I really like the new animation for the car exit in Mendoza. :slightly_smiling_face: Gates opening, 47 driving away…nice!


All cool so far! I’m glad to see lots of fixes all around and specially after so long.

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