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for the sake of future reference, im gonna repost what @ioi_christianco said about Offline mode back in 2017

Hi @David_Spafford (and all the others) !

I wondered if these talks would ever land in the broader community, and as I see that it did, I hope you found it interesting !
(to be honest I wasn’t super happy on how well I delivered that one)

Anyway, it is tricky for me to comment on all the great conversation that has been going on in this thread - with the online requirement being a hot topic and me writing on an IOI account - but it wouldn’t feel right to stay completely silent.

IO Interactive wants to discourage offline mode use. You can still play the game offline, but you are stripped of features that you want in the game. The cloud platform model that they have embraced only succeeds if most users are participating in the game online.

While your analysis in your many posts is very insightful, the tone tend to be a bit cold and strategic, so let me put back some passionate game dev perspective to it :wink:

We designed the online systems to give us the possibility to build innovative features: scoring is traditionally built offline, progression as well of course, and we did make that weird choice of moving them to an online profile.
The reason we took that direction was never to implement an “Online DRM” though, we moved scoring to the cloud to give us tools to prevent cheating from destroying leaderboards (I can’t say we are very successful on that yet on PC, but at least we have a chance to improve the situation, which we did not have on Absolution), and we moved progression because we want player profiles to be meaningful, to be a building stone for our community.

I started at IOI by working with Torben and the established online team on generalizing Absolution’s Contracts mode to make it far more flexible, making it a core system to the game. Game development is a creative process, and by building flexible systems and evolving them over time you are able to come up with ideas. Choosing to focus our time on building these online systems ultimately led to Escalation mode, Elusive Targets and all the rest the content we can deliver without patching the game. When we started, none of that was in the plans, but through iterations it eventually came to life.

Looking in retrospect, it would have been technically possible to build all of these in a more offline-friendly way, but I would argue if we did follow that more traditional approach, we might not even have though of some of these, or dismissed them because of not having the required systems to implement them.

Many features we thought of during development also did not materialize, which makes the online requirement look still a bit silly at this point. But as I state in that video, we established a platform on which to build more Hitman, and I trust that at some point we will add enough value that our choices become more understandable.

When it comes to Offline mode, it is a question of time and priority. Supporting features offline is additional work, arguably because we did build these features to be online first and foremost.
At the end of the day, when we have to chose between supporting building more features for offline mode, supporting the many releases, or building / evolving systems to back exciting new ideas, offline mode is not often on the top of the list.
That being said, after focusing very hard on reducing disconnections, improving contract mode, supporting the release of the episodes and live content, we did take some time to add the missing item synchronization in a safe and proper way, so we are not completely ignoring Offline either.

I hope I brought some perspective, and while I can’t promise to spend a lot of time on the forum I will at the very least follow what is being said.

Cheers !


„But I’d imagine those other players, myself included, will be spending about half the game’s run time with their stomachs tied in knots.“

Coming back here and reading this… I’m sure my heart will be broken at the end of the game.


I understand that there will be no Russian text translation in H3?

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No photo mode… :cry:


yep :’( i guess the camera’s the closest we’re gonna get (aside from Ansel)


When is the next trailer or smth? Need to know moar asap :slight_smile:
Btw, are there going to be preloads before the release date?

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According to the information we have, the game will not have Russian localization


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The pre loads are gonna start on the 17th of jan? i’m pretty sure. And the next trailer has no date exact date but i’ll say news/trailers might come this weekend and definitely next week


Why do people moan for an photo mode, how much of a gameplay feature it will be^^, hmm? Its something maybe 5 % of the customers would actually appreciate, there are more important building sites, at least in my opinion.

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At first I almost got a stroke after seeing your profile pic and reading the post, trying to remember when I wrote this :thinking::sob: thx for using my drawing as your profile pic, appreciate it :grin:


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Hitman part in the timestamps…


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