Hitman 3 Bug (Patient Zero)

Hi, so after I try to poison a bootle of water that Craig Black drinks he will go vomit on the cliff one the back of the church rather than going to toilet making it impossible to drown

Push him off the cliff into the water, it should still count as a drowning death.

I did this few times in other circumstances and it doesn’t work like drawning.
It might work if you subdue the target and dump it into the water, but it’s too incosistent to rely on this method.
Recently I was playing one of Featured Contracts in Whittleton Creek and poisoned the waitress near truck to drawn her, but she ignored a toilet in the house and went to puke into the fountain. There is no chance to drawn her in this case, so it’s really a stupid bug

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  1. It is not bug.
  2. If NPC goes to vomit, it can use bin, fountain and other places.
  3. The place that the NPC chooses depends on the place where the poisoning occurs.
  4. If one of the places is occupied, NPC chooses another one.
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Don’t you say. You can poison NPC in the bathroom itself, but if the script of his route or choosing puke spot or whatever is bugged, he won’t use the toilet and will go miles away to puke in the bin or whatever

Technically speaking, if the NPC is in the bathroom, all you have to do is lure him close to the toilet with a coin, for example.

If there is a problem with a place, it is an option to poison two NPC.