HITMAN 3 - Bug Report Thread

Platform: PC

Location: Berlin (near DJ Booth)

Description: Enforcer detects you by a pixels between the rack case and the pillar.

Steps to reproduce: See the video attached

Frequency : Always

Clip and image: https://youtu.be/kE_Q7wSJ_d4

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Platform: PC
Location: New York
Description: Guard near reception downstairs spotted body, that was in bathroom upstairs, where Mr. Thompson is located
Frequency: Once


I’m not sure if this has been reported, but this has been an issue since I preordered the game. I cannot play hitman 3 or any (world of assassination) levels offline. My xbox (series X) states that I don’t own the game. This is not an issue with the other two previous games. Please acknowledge this and help me/us resolve this.

I also have this problem, however i do have a fix.
You need to connect to the Hitman servers when it loadd you into the game, then when it disconnects again you will still have all the maps, that’s the only way i know.

I understand, however if I hypothetically don’t pay my internet bill; I should still be able to play the bare bones game offline.

Fair enough, mate. It is a huge pain a single player game needs leaderboards (that dont really matter imo) and stupid forced internet connection.

I can hardly pay for mine, i wish you luck though. :four_leaf_clover:

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No, I cannot even play the game without an internet connection in some circumstances. It says that I don’t own it. It should be on my harddrive (ssd). I should have the bare bones game at least.

Platform: PC Digital

Description: Shadow Quality settings in the launcher do not corespond to the settings in the menu in-game

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Set Shadow Quality to Low in the launcher
  2. Open Graphics settings and go to Shadow Quality
  3. The settings is set to Minimum, which does not show in the launcher.
  4. Setting Shadow Quality to Low in the menu changes it to Medium in the launcher.
  5. None of the settings corespond to the same one in the menu and the launcher.

Frequency: Happens always

Question: “When is a Screwdriver NOT a screwdriver?”

Answer: “When it is a Professional Screwdriver…”

So why does this equipment item not count as a screwdriver in Optional Objectives needing a screwdriver (either melee or thrown)?

Kind of makes it pointless to even have.


Platform: All platforms

Location: All locations

Description: These noises were in H3 for the first few months when it came out but they’re not there anymore

Steps to reproduce

  1. Using a syringe on a male NPC or shoot them without a headshot
  2. You may possibly get a shorter version of those noises

Frequency: It only happened somewhere around April of 2021 and just kept on happening so the noises aren’t really there unfortunately

(you might want to make your volume a bit high to hear it) Attach:

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Freelancer Bug Report

Platform: PS4

This is probably an obscure bug, but my first mission was to Whittleton Creek. One of the optional objectives was to poison a guard. I used the emetic poison from Helen’s creepy serial killer basement on the Exterminator device at Nolan’s place, and while wandering inside dressed as the exterminator (he’s fine btw, sleeping off a concussion in the bushes in his underwear) while the gas was active, a guard came in from outside, went up stairs and “spotted” me, totally unaffected by the gas. Cost me $1000 bucks, so I smashed him in the head with a soda can and stuffed him in a closet.

Still, immunity to emetic gas in the entire house feels like a bug.


Platform: Steam
Description: NVIDIA GTX 1650 GPU can enable DLSS, cannot enable NVIDIA Reflex

I’m not even sure how this can happen, the GPU gets recognized correctly even in the game’s launcher settings, but somehow I can enable… DLSS? The GTX 1650 does not officially support DLSS, but it’s an available option in the game and I can even change the quality settings. This issue was not present in HITMAN 3 or HITMAN 3 CTT. (Excuse the choppy frame rate, that’s because of the recording. Surprisingly, the game does get a smoother 60FPS frame rate when DLSS2 is enabled, even if it doesn’t really… work)

Platform: Steam

Got spotted by this guard in Berlin through the ground.

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Platform: PC

Location: Freelancer Italy

Description: Syndicate leader walking off the map after drinking water in the graveyard area
All four potential targets are in the church area
The descriptions of the target are business meeting, dehydrated, bookworm, hat, tattoo, necklace if that helps


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Platform: PS5 digital hitman 3

Location: santa fortuna (freelancer mode)

Description: Threw my collector’s coin and picked by someone. Then I lost it after the mission. The collector’s coin should stay according to the description.

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Threw some guards from the Attic through the open balcony windows, every NPC around the catwalk floor got stuck, doing absolutely nothing.

Also, I threw Dalia and her assistant from the left balcony window in her room and they got stuck in this comedic way on top of the catwalk’s backstage background wall

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Platform: [PC/EGS]

Location: Confidential, 47’s Safehouse

Description: The black sunglass lenses of Agent 47’s various outfits look like they don’t exist in the mirrors in the closet, however.
Also: This amazing optical cloaking technology is useless in front of Agent 17, Mr. Lynch and the “Rage” suit.

Steps to reproduce: Put on your sunglasses and look in the mirror.

Frequency: It has been existed since CTT.


Platform: PS5 digital hitman 3

Location: freelancer mode

Description: Collector’s items definitely work like normal items. Both of my collector lockpick and crowbar are lost after mission fail. These are very expensive. Why would I buy them if they work like normal items? I feel like being scammed.

Platform: PC, Epic

Location: Whittleton Creek
Description : Some basement doors can get you permanently stuck

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start the game

  2. Load any mission in Whittleton Creek

  3. Go to the West, Janus, Griswold, Schmidt or Wilson property. All of these houses have a staircase outside the house with a door that leads to the basement. (Picture 1)

  4. While inside the basement, shoot one of these doors with a heavy weapon, force it with a crowbar or use an explosion to open it. The door will be permanently opened towards the outside. (Picture 2)

  5. Exit the basement and return to the garden (level 0).

  6. Vault over the railing next to the basement as far east (Wilson and Schmidt) or west (West, Janus, Griswold) as you can. (Picture 3)

  7. You are now stuck between three walls and the door. The door blocks your way, can’t move, and you can’t climb up. The only option is to return to the main menu or find a way to kill yourself. (Picture 4)

I assume this could also work if something explodes next to the door while you are on the wrong side of the stairs.
This is not that big a deal in usual gameplay but it can be a huge problem in Freelancer mode.

Frequency: It always happen.