Hitman 3 Carry over from 1&2 not functional

so i read carefully the requirements, i have installed and launched Hitman 1 from Epic Games Launcher (I got it on the giveaway, but Savegames are transferred from Steam to EGL for some reason, but verified i have a va`lid EGL account,) and still it tells me there is no Account to carry over to.

Can anyone help me?

Do you have an IOI Account? It’s needed for carryover process.
If you don’t have one, create it.

Also you need to link both Steam and Epic accounts to IOI Account.
To do that, after the creation, on a login page do not use email and password for login, use Steam and Epic buttons respectfully.
After you linked both accounts, register your games to IOI Account.
To do that, just launch HITMAN 2016 and HITMAN 2, go to Options → IOI Account, fill in email address you created IOI Account with and hit Refresh. Then follow the link into the message that will arrive to your mailbox.
After both games are registered in IOI Account go to https://profile.hitman.com and try to initiate a carryover process once again

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Sorry if i am bothering you, which buttons do you mean to link steam and Epic? As in, where are they located, in the Account Overview? i can’t find them there.

Also, i have different email accounts for steam and epic games.

Ok i figured out how to link profiles, but it will only allow me to link one profile at a time, epic or steam, it will delete the other if i link another.