Hitman 3 - Carry Over Issue - Mission Stories and Escalation progress missing


Thank you so much for the incredible work and I am really sorry that the launch has been somewhat problematic. I wanted to bring up an issue that has happened to me and a few other people that I have seen on Reddit. Please see the link bellow:

Basically the carry over worked but the progress of all the escalations does not exist and the story missions are all marked as not finished and their corresponding challenges locked. It is not a huge issue but I thought of bringing it up. Keep up the good work!

Same issue here (Stadia).

I cared it over but I don’t have access to hitman two lvls.

Please follow the instruction to get your access passes. If you still have troubles, feel free to ask.

Just noticed that several of my mission stories in H1 and H2 are also marked as not completed whilst others are. The mission story trophies all unlocked though.

We also do not carry over progress on Escalation Contracts or Mission Stories. Those will be reset to 0 in HITMAN 3 after completing the progression carryover.


Like I said, some are showing as completed, and the mission story trophies unlocked. Have a look in the ‘feats’ section and see if yours is the same.