Hitman 3 carryover issues

After the carryover finally worked from the steam to epic games, and the io account says I have hitman 2, and though the hitman legacy edition works in the hitman 3 game, it says I have to get access to the hitman 2 levels although I purchased the deluxe edition for hitman 2 when it first came out in 2018, anyone else has a similar problem and a possible solution.

Everyone have the same due to HITMAN 2 absence on Epic Store.
As it stands right now, you have either to buy a Pass or wait for indefinite time while they are finding a way to give those levels for free to those who own HITMAN 2 on Steam

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thank you mate, appreciate the help

So right now I can’t access hitman 2 unless I pay again for the game or wait?

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Yes, for now on PC you have to pay again.
However it has been officially announced by Epic and IOI that they’re looking into it and expect it not to be necessary to buy it twice. It should take a few weeks to find out about the solution


Hi! My progress in Hitman 2 shows there but I can’t go in any hitman 2 levels. At first i just couldn’ t go to the special missions or the sniper ones but there have been and update and now I can not go any hitman 2 level. I just want to know if they are working on this ( I assume the answer is yes ) and if i play any level of hitman 3 if in any moment I can play finally hitman 2 my progression in hitman 3 doesn’ t restart like they say wold happen if you do the carryover after play the hitman 3. I know is not the same but I am not sure about that. I have reade4d your answers and I think you are saying this problem is happening to many players and I have not to worry much about about it, but I just wanna be sure because my english is not so good.

Thanks for your patience.

It appears the transfer wiped all of my escalation progress :upside_down_face: and also my access to escalation rewards

Ah well, guess I’ll just have to re-earn stuff

(To clarify these are H1-H2 escalations I completed in H2 but now have no progress on in H3)

If you’re playing on PC, it’s better to wait for the news update with Epic and IOI.
If console, then everything should be working well with regards to Hitman 1 and Hitman 2 content

My escalations have been wiped out as well. I imagined it was supposed to because it seems that H3 has a brand new escalations and rewards system.
However, my rewards are fine. I was able to use my imported Cashemirian suit despite not having the 15 completed escalations or so that unlocks the Cashemirian on Hitman 3.

I believe I don’t have my Cashmerian suit, despite unlocking it in H2. I’ll have to double check when I get back to my PS4 tho

Hitman 3 on pc.

After transferring I have my progress from hitman 2 but I can not access the levels of hitman 2 in hitman 3.
The levels of hitman 1 are working, because I had the pack for free in the epic preorder bundle.

H2 levels aren’t ready for PC players to claim freely. Please wait for IOI’s next announcement.

– PC (Epic): For existing players, stay tuned for details on how to import locations. For new players, we have set up an 80% discount for this Access Pass for the first 14 days after HITMAN 3’s launch. It will also grant access to the HITMAN 2 Expansion Access Pass.

greetings everyone, so before hm3 was released I’ve had all of the escalations 100% completed and after processing the carryover to hitman 3 from steam to epic, I got the items earned from escalations carried over however not the progress and now it says that I have to play the escalations again.
so the question is, is that normal that escalations progress from hm1 and hm2 shouldn’t be carried over, or is it an error or something ?!

@Fozdo2 The escalations are reset but any unlocks from them you should have.

Hi! I have a problem with transferring data to Hitman 3 from Hitman 2. The accounts are connected. There is no access to the missions from Hitman 2.

If you’re on PC (Epic Store) it’s a normal situation.
First of all, neither of the locations are part of carryover process.
Only and exclusively your progression data is transferred.
You have to be eligible to have old locations in HITMAN 3.
HITMAN 2016 locations can be obtained by bying HITMAN 1 Access Pass. If you have HITMAN 2016 game on Epic (the free giveaway version counts), this pack should be granted for you at no additional cost.
HITMAN 2 game is not currently present on Epic Store, that’s why there is some issues with H2 locations within HITMAN 3.
If you own HITMAN 2 on Steam, you have to wait till developers sort things out and give H2 locations for free to owners of HITMAN 2 on Steam. Currently nobody has access to HITMAN 2 locations within HITMAN 3 on Epic due to this situation.
The process of developers dealing with this thing will take currently unknown amount of time, but they guaranteed that you won’t have to buy H2 repeatedly.
So all you need is to fill yourself up with patience and just wait till the situation is solved

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Thanks. I’ll be waiting!

Although strange, the access pass Hitman 2 gold edition is already in the store.

But it’s not free.
I believe that’s the difference.
Also Access Pass is not a standalone game.
Having the Access Pass doesn’t mean you can play HITMAN 2 game.
You have to have HITMAN 3 game to apply this Access Pass

That’s what I’m talking about.