Hitman 3 crashes on startup with AMD FSR on

Hey there, my friend has been playing with Hitman 3, and he had some fun, however, there were some times where the game crashed and it refused to start up anymore, playing the IOI sound, and then crashing to the desktop, and we eventually figured out that turning off AMD FSR in the launcher settings would fix the issue, and enabling it in game would work. (sometimes, sometimes that would also crash the game and we would have to restart the game multiple times for it to work) However, I would love to know if there is a permanent solution to this, instead of this mess? Btw, my friend has an Intel CPU and is playing on the CPU’s integrated GPU. Just noting, because that might have something to do with it.

Hey, just to clarify: What is the setup exactly? An easy way to check in by pressing [Windows Key + R] on your keyboard and running the command dxdiag.


There, you should find your motherboard, CPU, RAM, DirectX version, GPU (under Display 1) and other relevant driver version information. This will help others looking at this to understand the issue better.