Hitman 3 Deluxe items missing on Xbox

So the deluxe items are completely missing in Hitman 3, bought the deluxe edition as preorder all is installed including the deluxe pack but nothing shows up in the game. Also no option to import the Requim Pack from Hitman 1 which worked fine in 2. On Xbox series X

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Not just you. Same thing is true for me on PS5. No progress migration, no Hitman 1 locations available, no Deluxe items in my account reward and bonus section.

Deluxe items (suits, weapons, briefcases) can be found as unlocks in corresponding Escalations. Do note that you won’t be able to access them if you’re offline. Artbook and Soundtrack collection will likely be available later.

Progression carryover will have to wait, see the official announcement here:

Locations should be available as long as your previous game being available in your PS account. Do note you will need to import the Legacy Pack to H2 to gain access to the free pack.

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Damn, would have been nice if they would have said that you have to unlock what you paid for, feels a bit scammed like this.

I have imported everything. But numerous people are having this issue. Go look at the IO Twitter. Plenty of people are in my position. We own every Hitman game ever made (I actually have discs dating back to the original in 2000) But I own Hitman GOTY digitally on PS4 as well as Hitman 2 Digitally on PS4. Hitman 1 GOTY imports fine into Hitman 2 and works without an issue. Hitman 2 imports fine into Hitman 3 and works without an issue. But when I go to import Hitman 1 GOTY Locations into H3, it shows up as $29.99. The thing is when I look directly at the PS store it says I own H1 GOTY, and I do. When I look at the PS Store on the web using my PC or phone it says I own it. But when I look at it through the menu of Hitman 3, it shows I need to purchase it. Travis from IO says they think they know what is causing the problem but that was 6 or 7 hours ago. The thing is I also own the HD collection digitally on PS4 and have it loaded on my PS5 but when I look at it through the store menu for Hitman 3 it also acts as if I do not own that either.

Same for the requiem pack, after searching a bit, it seems that the HITMAN 1 Requiem DLC was compatible with Hitman 1&2 but not 3. I hope ioi adds them for free or as a part of the Hitman 1 GOTY access pass. As for the Deluxe items, they didn’t show up the first time but after a restart they did.

But the deluxe suits and weapons you have to unlock so they dont show up until you finished the escalations atleast that is what is said and also what is said in the game when looking at the escalations, feel kinda lied to because nowhere did it say we have to unlock our suits and weapons through escalations, hope they correct this and gice them without the need to unlock them, they should put something else as escalation unlocks not our bonus suits andweapons we paid for.

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Actually I found out it isn’t enough for the previous games to be in your account. You have to start H1 GOTY, then scroll over to the right in the main menu and redeem the GOTY Legacy Pack that you already own. Once you can quite H1 and even delete it and H2 both. When you go into the H3 menu you can then import H1. Contrary to what IO said last year, the game doesn’t care if you have H1 and H2 installed. It only cares what the respective storefront tells it. I just did this and then was able to import everything properly on both my PS5s.

How do you make playing those escalations sound like work?
Just play them and you might just find out you have fun with them, and get a reward for it to boot.
I know, a shocking notion, but give it a try anyway. It’s like getting candy for being good at eating candy.

Same on PC as well. Linked my accounts and refreshed and all.

Mine are not anywhere to be found either I’m on PS4 terabyte anyone know how to contact customer support Blood Money suit is gone as well…

I figured a fix for suits etc
If you find hitman 3 on your platform’s store, it should have the old games as free access passes listed as dlc. This will give you the suits from the old games and the deluxe pass if you bought that too

They do tell you about it, they mentioned it in the Player Guide:

The Deluxe suits and Items are awarded by completing the Deluxe Escalations in-game. Complete the first stage to unlock the suit, and the third stage to unlock the item. At launch three of the Deluxe Escalations are available, one in Dubai, Dartmoor and Berlin.

Think IOI are still looking into the issue of the Requiem suits/weapons being missing.

I have the Deluxe edition for Xbox and signing into my IOI account still doesn’t show the Soundtrack and Online Artbook? Not sure if this had been fixed?