Hitman 3 dune raider not unlocking on PS4

I’ve done the discover Dubai challenge and have found every location on the map yet the trophy hasn’t unlocked. How can it be fixed if I can’t restart my progress since all data is saved on the hitman servers? Any help?

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Wait a few minutes, sometimes the trophies pops up later. I did the challenge a few hours ago and got both, the challenge and the trophy.

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So how long did you have to wait I did it yesterday but nothing has happened l. Did it pop when you were in the main menu or after you did another mission?

It was around 3 minutes, but that long isn’t a good sign. Maybe a hard reset (PS4 restart/internet restart) will fix it. I visited the last place and the trophy plopped up.

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This trophy is bugged for me too.

I already write of this in all places possible and I hope that someday IOI fix this.

I have discovered all the locations and challenge is completed so can’t do that anymore but no trophy.

And are already passed 2 days so I don’t think that that trophy will pop out of nowhere.

I suggest you to post this bug in the official bug report thread here on the forum


What else do you think could fix it I restarted my PS4 and WiFi and nothing happened

How would I do that man

Unfortunately since this is a server tied problem we have to wait a fix from IOI itself because there’s no way to reset datas from challenges by ourselves.

There is the possibility to delete Hitman profile from the IOI site but this has to be the last resort because this will wipe even all unlock and mastery of all of the games


Yeah, it’s a common problem. If the server decides to disconnect during completion of challenges, only the challenges will be completed but the trophy requirements will be stuck. Same for mission stories and mastery unlocks.


Yes I think the same seein how often other peoples are having problems with challenges, mastery and trophies.

I really hope there will be a way to fix this situation.

They really have to change this system because this way a single disconnection of the server in the wrong moment can cause problems

I haven’t had these problems in Hitman 1 or 2 even at launch but this time seems that IOI is having some issues with stability and such