Hitman 3 endlessly blue screens my laptop. This issue plagued me a year ago and now it has returned yet again

5-10 minutes into playing the game, the game suddenly freezes and after a few seconds I get the BSOD crash. This first happened a year ago and I just couldn’t play the game until the next game update was released. It finally fixed after that update and now a year later the same problem has started. This time I was hoping the August 17th update would fix it, but the issue remains.

Here are the key points to how it crashes and what all fixes I tried last year:

  1. This ONLY happens with Hitman 3. I have played other games on both Steam, Epic and other sources, but this is the only game that crashes my PC. I just played 3 hours of uninterrupted FIFA 23 right after Hitman 3 crashed. Other games that I’ve tried playing without issues are RDR2, GoW, TLOU, Kena etc.

  2. The blue screen flashes away so fast that I can’t even read the “stop code”. So I had to take a video and screenshot it. It reads UNEXPECTED_STORE_EXCEPTION.

  3. Here’s what all I tried last year to fix this. Verified the game files on Epic launcher, uninstalled and reinstalled the game. Installed the game on a different drive, an internal hard disk (I install all my games on an internal SSD which I bought separately just to store games). Deleted all the mods and tried playing the game without them. None of these fixed the crashes.

  4. Both my Windows 11 and GeForce Experience drivers are up to date. I basically keep everything up to date on my laptop. One thing to note is that this never happened back when I was on Windows 10.

I have no idea what else I can try apart from this. Any help would be super appreciated. It just sucks that I can’t play this game anymore.

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