Hitman 3 Epic Pre-Order. Didn't receive Hitman 1 free?

Hi everyone,

I have made a pre-order for Hitman 3 on PC over 2 weeks ago. Hitman 1 GOTY was supposed to be free if I pre-order Hitman 3. I did not receive it. Anyone knows what the issue is? It is still showing the price for it in the store and I did not receive an code for it whatsoever.

Thank for some input.

You get the Hitman 2016 GOTY Access Pass for free for HITMAN 3

I get that, thing is though that I can still only buy it. Here’s what my store page looks like. it still asks me to pay for it.

I’d say load into Hitman 3, I do know some people even on Consoles haven’t been granted the pass yet.

The game will of course still cost you. Please do not be confused with it and HITMAN 1 GOTY Access Pass. One is a standalone game, the other is an add-on.

If you pre-purchase or purchase HITMAN 3 on EGS within the first 10 days of launch, you will be granted the HITMAN 1 GOTY Access Pass for no additional charge.

Tried that already. No dice. I own both Hitman and Hitman 2 on Steam and there’s no way that I’ll buy them again.

I’ve got it…

I do get that we will only get Hitman 1 Levels Pass, but even that is unavailable to me, contrary to what they have stated and what is stated on Epic Store itself. I really respect IOI as a company, but this Hitman 3 PC release seems like some kind of a joke.

Check if the price isn’t dropped to 0 when you try to buy the Access Pass.

I had purchased a physical copy with a code for Epic Games. When redeeming it, the Hitman 1 Access Pass was not added to my game automatically. I had to “purchase” it, but confusingly the discount was not shown in the store but after I put the Pass into my cart.

It worked. Thanks ;)!

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