Hitman 3 Epic to Steam

Yes, I know IO has stated that save progression from Hitman 3 Epic will not transfer to Steam, but I was wondering if there are any community made recourses that do it. Due to a frankly perplexing bug, Hitman 3 works on Steam but on Epic all the graphics load in as pitch black. I would even rebuy the levels, the deluxe, the 7DS. I don’t want to shell out for Nvidea GeForce NOW to be able to play my game. I want to use mods again and since I don’t have great internet, I would like to play the game at higher than 2fps and one pixel per inch. I am begging for help. Either that or someone please tell me the technical mumbo jumbo which might prove why my Steam version actually works compared to Epic.
Edit: Also save transfer website down. Just having so much fun with this.

As all progression is saved on game’s servers, nobody outside IOI can do a “transfer mod” because you need to have access to servers to do that. Legally it can’t be gained. So it’s just impossible

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I love IOI but why have they decided to make Hitman 3 just completely fail in everything besides the game itself.

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Have you used the “verify files” option on Epic?

Yes, and multiple fresh installs. The issues fixed now, I had to delete the Epic In-Game-Overlay becUse that was causing it for some reason