Please Help us IO INTERACTIVE to solve this issue !


Have you tried to close the Epic client entirely and launch it again?
Or simply reboot the PC?
Sometimes these simple actions help

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Yes I already tried this many times but no luck in fixing it

What to do next to fix it

I think i had a similiar problem once, I backed up the data in the hitman 3 folder in my profile linked to the game where it synced my data then without playing I shut the game down put my data back resynced it with the cloud and it seemed to work

I already do this by making reserve copy of the game then change place and remove it after that paste it again but nothing happens.
Even though I reinstalled the game again and I still connect to the game online !
Can we made a fix for that or to contact IOI and they try to fix it by my account !It happens minutes after transferring the locations through the web browser and I played one mission from the previous games and then stopped the server to go online !Does it have a connection and how to fix it ?

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I fixed my problem it was because of the antivirus system