Hitman 3: Extra items

Hello Developers, my message to you, I know maybe nothing will change, but i would like to say it, would be nice if you guys improve inventory in menu from extra junk.
First, what is annoying and don’t have any sense to have items from hitman 1 and 2, which do the same thing like Lethal Pills, any poison MK 1-2-3…), Lockpick I - MK II, MK III, Explosives I - MK II, MK III…and so on. Why not do this, when you unlock for example Lockpick МК II you will replace regular Lockpick, and there will be less junk which stop you to think what to choose but in the end it’s the same thing.
Second, in the menu Career - Elusive Target, shows everything that you missed and failed, what’s the point? if you can’t replay again. You just see it, and it upsets you that you can’t replay it. If it can’t be replayed, it should be removed. There is no point in leaving it. Thank you and hope for improvements.

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That would make going through the effort to unlock the MkI and MkII items pointless. No one would bother and would just go for the MkIII if the others would be replaced. Also with your example of Lethal Pills, having multiple options means you can take multiple poisons to poison multiple targets. Your idea of replacing them would limit you to one poisoning.

They’re there because players can use them to look at the leaderboards or re-watch the briefing videos. So there is actually a point to have them there.


The better option (many people have made this same suggestion on here in the past) would be to consolidate ALL the duplicate items into a single menu slot. So one menu slot for lethal poison and when you select it you get either a drop-down or sub-menu showing all the lethal poisons you have, as opposed to each one having its own slot, cluttering the menu.

Agreed. The compromise is simple: remove the “Missed, Eliminated” text from the pictures. People can still scope the leaderboard and briefings, and people won’t have to see “Missed”. :joy:


Ok, well why not to make a little difference, example with Lockpick MK III you can open faster than Lockpick MK II, MK III considered an improved version. And the same with pills, example does not immediately run to the toilet to burp or does not die immediately, with Lethal Pills MK III immediately dies or runs to the toilet. So it will be much more realistic…

I suggest that if you have more than one Lockpick in your current inventory, it would turn into one sub-category named Lockpick which you have to enter to see the lockpicks you currently have. It will just make it a bit more organized.