Hitman 3 Fan Russian Translation

Hello dear company IO interactive!
I am writing to you on behalf of the Russian fan community of your creativity. For one reason or another, you were unable to make the Russian localization of Hitman 3 and we decided to make it on our own.
Our translation is in full swing and is perfectly compatible with the Epic Games store version of the game (95% ready at the moment). But we have a problem that I hope you can help us solve. The lines of the characters ’ dialogues in the game archives are scattered randomly and this greatly complicates the translation process, since the beginning of the dialogue is located in one place, the middle in another, and the end in a third. Because of this, it is problematic to correctly translate even one NPC dialog without knowing the context.
Could you send us the source text of the game’s dialogs? This would speed up the process considerably.
In turn, we promise to provide detailed bug reports during the testing of our translation (an example of a bug found in the timings of subtitles https://youtu.be/aXp2E1Yacio), which may make it easier for you to release new patches.
And if you later want to, then, as a result, you can add our translation to the game officially, without indicating our authorship.

Thank you in advance.