Hitman 3 For 2022 on Steam

the date of hitman 3 that arrives on steam is getting closer and closer to us that’s why I open this topic to have information on the arrival of hitman 3 on steam I have several questions that are the following
1/ Hitman 3 Will be present on steam ?
2/ if yes, how can we buy hitman 3 to keep his progression and all the sucess and all the unlocked items in-game
3/ will there be a form of dlc like there was for hitman 2016 goty on the version of hitman 2018 (I want to specify that I own the version of hitman 2018 and I had bought hitman 2016 via the dlc hitman goty legacy pack which allowed me to have all the adventure of hitman 2016 and that’s why I ask myself the question a dlc of the same kind for hitman 3 would be rather good I think?)
4/ very important : will the elusive target be present on hitman 3 in the steam version ?

We don’t know anything about when or if there will be a steam release. You’ll have to ask at a later date


It’s coming in January and the answer is basically yes to all the questions.

Uhuh. Only if IOI haven’t different plans

I don’t think IOI hates money so that seems pretty unlikely.

Note to OP, this is still speculation and not confirmed.

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I’m sure that contractually they’re not allowed to mention any non-Epic PC storefronts that HITMAN 3 could be sold on until after the 12 month Epic exclusivity deal expires (or towards the back end of that 12 months at very earliest), but in an earlier IOI Insider stream (maybe May or June?) Travis or Clemens mentioned that they had plans to release H3 on new platforms in 2022.

That’s probably as close as they can come to confirming a Steam release without breaching their contract with Epic, but IMO it’s an absolute certainty that there will be a Steam release in 2022.


January might be “speculation” ( though it’s more of a certainty based on 99% of Epic store deals ever made), but IOI has already said the game is coming to “more platforms” in 2022 which is pretty blatant. In addition, not selling on Steam as soon as the exclusivity ends means IOI is losing on potential revenue every day to possible Epic copies they’re not getting any money from.

I’d like to thank you for your reply. I understand that they can’t communicate for the moment due to exclusivity, but I hope they’re working on this privately and I wanted to talk about it here on the forum so that they don’t forget that we, the first ones to support this game at its beginning and in its darkest hours, were still waiting for this exclusivity to end in order to take advantage of a game that we’ve been supporting since its beginning.