Hitman 3 for PS4 cd version

Hello! I have a request!

I recently bought hitman 3 for PS4 (cd version) and I saw that I need hitman 1&2 to play the other locations and I wonder if I buy hitman 2 gold edition at digital form will be compatible with cd version?

Thank you for your time!

Yes you will have the access passes for HITMAN 2 and it’s expansion pass to download in HITMAN 3 if you get HITMAN 2 Gold.


It just checks if you have a legal copy of 2 installed or on a disc, connecting the game online will then allow you to download the access pass to the content and it’ll download the content for H3. File size will be smaller too, thanks to new compression methods.

I had the opposite situation and had to install the hitman 2 disc again just to get the passes for my digital H3.

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